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Visual recognition
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Anomaly detection in information streams without prior domain knowledge
MS Beigi, S F Chang, S Ebadollahi, DC Verma
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J Xie, M S Beigi
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Method and Apparatus for Rule-Based Transformation of Policies
M S Beigi, S B Calo, D A George
2008 -

Unsupervised Multi-Scale Salient Temporal Outlier Detection
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The Coalition Policy Management Portal for Policy Authoring, Verification, and Deployment
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Method and apparatus for improving data transfers in peer-to-peer networks
M S Beigi, R B Jennings, J D Lavoie
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US Patent App. 11/140,122

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M Beigi
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Low overhead continuous monitoring of IP network performance
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Using relevance feedback in content-based image metasearch
AB Benitez, M Beigi, SF Chang
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Visual information retrieval from large distributed online repositories
Shih-Fu Chang, John R Smith, Mandis Beigi, Ana Benitez
Communications of the ACM 40(12), 63--71, ACM, 1997

Year Unknown

Content-based Visual Query
A B Benitez, M Beigi, S F Chang

Murthy Devarakonda
M Beigi
… in a large-scale file system, IBM Research, PO Box, 1, 0