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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Imaginary time, shredded propagator method for large-scale GW calculations
G.J. Martyna et al
arXiv, 1707.06752, 2017

High-response piezoelectricity modeled quantitatively near a phase boundary
G.J. Martyna, D.M. Newns et al
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Engineering monolayer poration for rapid exfoliation of microbial membranes
G.J. Martyna et al
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A graphene˙ carbon nanotube hybrid material for photovoltaic applications
G.J. Martyna et al
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Openatom: Scalable ab-initio molecular dynamics with diverse capabilities
G.J. Martyna et al
Inter. Conf. High Perf. Comp., , 139-158, 2016

Electronic coarse graining enhances the predictive power of molecular simulation allowing challenges in water physics to be addressed
G.J. Martyna et al
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Phase Diagram of Cuprate High-Temperature Superconductors Described by a Field Theory Based on Anharmonic Oxygen Degrees of Freedom
G.J. Martyna et al
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Signature properties of water: Their molecular electronic origins
G.J. Martyna
PNAS 112, 6341, 2015

Pathway to the PiezoElectronic Transduction Logic Device
G.J. Martyna et al
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The piezoelectronic stress transduction switch for very large-scale integration, low voltage sensor computation, and radio frequency applications
G.J. Martyna et al
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Anisotropic strain in SmSe and SmTe: Implications for electronic transport
MA Kuroda, Z Jiang, M Povolotskyi, G Klimeck, DM Newns, GJ Martyna
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Optimal Thickness for Charge Transfer in Multilayer Graphene Electrodes
MA Kuroda, J Tersoff, RA Nistor, GJ Martyna
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Nanoscale imaging reveals laterally expanding antimicrobial pores in lipid bilayers
Paulina D Rakowska, Haibo Jiang, Santanu Ray, Alice Pyne, Baptiste Lamarre, Matthew Carr, Peter J Judge, Jascindra Ravi, Ulla IM Gerling, Beate Koksch, Glenn J Martyna, Bart W Hoogenboom, Anthony Watts, Jason Crain, Chris RM Grovenor, Maxim G Ryadnov
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences110, 8918, 2013

Electronically coarse-grained model for water
A Jones, F Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, J Crain, GJ Martyna
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High response piezoelectric and piezoresistive materials for fast, low voltage switching: simulation and theory of transduction physics at the nanometer  scale
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Base-by-base ratcheting of single stranded DNA through a solid-state nanopore
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Fine-grained parallelization of the Car-Parrinello ab initio molecular dynamics method on the IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer
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Structural correlations and motifs in liquid water at selected temperatures: Ab initio and empirical model predictions
YA Mantz, B Chen, GJ Martyna
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Long time molecular dynamics for enhanced conformational sampling in biomolecular systems
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Symplectic quaternion scheme for biophysical molecular dynamics
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Explicit reversible integrators for extended systems dynamics
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Constant pressure molecular dynamics algorithms
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