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Distinguished Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  AAAI Fellow  |  ACM Distinguished Scientist  |  IEEE Computational Intelligence Society  |  IEEE, Senior Member


Local-to-Global Bayesian Network Structure Learning
Gao, Tian, Kshitij Fadnis, and Murray Campbell
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2017

UbuntuWorld 1.0 LTS - A Platform for Automated Problem Solving and Troubleshooting in the Ubuntu OS
T. Chakraborti, K. Talamadupula, K. Fadnis, M. Campbell, S. Kambhampati
Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2017

Learning to Query, Reason, and Answer Questions On Ambiguous Texts
Xiaoxiao Guo, Tim Klinger, Clemens Rosenbaum, Joseph P. Bigus, Murray Campbell, Ban Kawas, Kartik Talamadupula, Gerry Tesauro, Satinder Singh
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2017


I-athlon: toward a multidimensional Turing Test
Adams, Sam S and Banavar, Guruduth and Campbell, Murray
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Analytics ecosystem transformation: A force for business model innovation
Chen, Ying and Kreulen, Jeffrey and Campbell, Murray and Abrams, Carl
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Information Technology For Healthcare Transformation
J. P. Bigus, M. Campbell, B. Carmeli, M. Cefkin, H. Chang, C.-H. Chen-Ritzo, W. F. Cody, S. Ebadollahi, A. Evfimievski, A. Farkash, S. Glissmann, D. Gotz, T. W. A. Grandison, D. Gruhl, P. J. Haas, M. J. H. Hsiao, P.-Y. S. Hsueh, J. Hu, J. M. Jasinski, J.
IBM Journal of Research and Development - Special Issue on the Frontiers of IT, Vol 55, No 5, pp 6:1-6:14 55(5), 6--1, IEEE, 2011

Artificial intelligence research at IBM
James Fan, Michael Campbell, Brian Kingsbury
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(5), 16--1, IBM, 2011


Formal Models and Hybrid Approaches for Efficient Manual Image Annotation and Retrieval
R Yan, A Natsev, M Campbell
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Hybrid tagging and browsing approaches for efficient manual image annotation
Rong Yan, Apostol Natsev, Murray Campbell
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IBM Research TRECVID-2008 Video Retrieval System.
Natsev, Apostol and Smith, John R and Tesic, Jelena and Xie, Lexing and Yan, Rong and Jiang, Wei and Merler, Michele

Event mining in multimedia streams
L Xie, H Sundaram, M Campbell
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Event detection in sensor networks for modern oil fields
M Hill, M Campbell, Y C Chang, V Iyengar
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Multi-query interactive image and video retrieval-: theory and practice
Rong Yan, Apostol Natsev, Murray Campbell
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A learning-based hybrid tagging and browsing approach for efficient manual image annotation
R Yan, A Natsev, M Campbell
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IBM Research TRECVID-2007 Video Retrieval System.
Campbell, Murray and Haubold, Alexander and Liu, Ming and Natsev, Apostol and Smith, John R and Tesic, Jelena and Xie, Lexing and Yan, Rong and Yang, Jun

An efficient manual image annotation approach based on tagging and browsing
R Yan, A Natsev, M Campbell
Workshop on multimedia information retrieval on The many faces of multimedia semantics, pp. 13--20, 2007


IBM research TRECVID-2006 video retrieval system
M Campbell, A Haubold, S Ebadollahi, M R Naphade, A Natsev, J R Smith, J Tesic, L Xie
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Learning and classification of semantic concepts in broadcast video
John R Smith, Murray Campbell, Milind Naphade, Apostol Natsev, Jelena Tesic
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Algorithms for rapid outbreak detection: a research synthesis
D L Buckeridge, H Burkom, M Campbell, W R Hogan, A W Moore, others
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Site-based biosurveillance
Li, Chung-Sheng and Aggarwal, C and Campbell, Murray and Chang, Y and Hill, M and Iyengar, V and Naphade, M and Smith, J and Wang, M and Wu, K and others
MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep53, 249, 2004


Epi-SPIRE: a system for environmental and public health activity monitoring
C S Li, C Aggrarwal, M Campbell, Y C Chang, G Glass, V Iyengar, M Joshi, C Y Lin, M Naphade, J R Smith, others
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Deep Blue
M Campbell, A J Hoane, F Hsu, others
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Evaluating multiple attribute items using queries
Iyengar, Vijay S and Lee, Jon and Campbell, Murray
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Search control methods in Deep Blue
Campbell, Murray S and Hoane, A Joseph and Hsu, Feng-hsiung
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Knowledge discovery in deep blue
Campbell, Murray
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Deep Blue system overview
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Measuring the performance potential of chess programs
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A grandmaster chess machine
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Singular extensions:: Adding selectivity to brute-force searching
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The graph-history interaction: on ignoring position history
M Campbell
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A comparison of minimax tree search algorithms
M S Campbell, T A Marsland
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Parallel search of strongly ordered game trees
T A Marsland, M Campbell
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Algorithms for the parallel search of game trees
M Campbell
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A survey of enhancements to the alpha-beta algorithm
T A Marsland, M Campbell
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Parallel search of game trees
T A Marsland, M Campbell, AL Rivera
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