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nanoscale analysis of electronic materials
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Physical Society (APS)  |  IEEE   |  Materials Research Society (MRS)


Single-domain epitaxial silicene on diboride thin films
A. Fleurence, T. G. Gill, R. Friedlein, J. T. Sadowski, K. Aoyagi, M. Copel, R. M. Tromp, C. F. Hirjibehedin, Y. Yamada-Takamura
Applied Physics Letters 108(15), 2016


First realization of the piezoelectronic stress-based transduction device
Josephine B Chang, Hiroyuki Miyazoe, Matthew Copel, Paul M Solomon, Xiao-Hu Liu, Thomas M Shaw, Alejandro G Schrott, Lynne M Gignac, Glenn J Martyna, Dennis M Newns
Nanotechnology 26(37), 375201, 2015

Pathway to the PiezoElectronic Transduction Logic Device
Paul M Solomon, Brian Bryce, Marcelo Kuroda, Ryan Keech, Smitha Shetty, Thomas Shaw, Matthew Copel, Li-Wen Hung, Alejandro Schrott, Christine Armstrong, others
Nano letters, ACS Publications, 2015


Simple Gate Metal Anneal (SIGMA) stack for FinFET Replacement Metal Gate toward 14nm and beyond
T Ando, B Kannan, U Kwon, WL Lai, BP Linder, EA Cartier, R Haight, M Copel, J Bruley, SA Krishnan, others
VLSI Technology (VLSI-Technology): Digest of Technical Papers, 2014 Symposium on, pp. 1--2

The piezoelectronic transistor
Paul M Solomon, Bruce G Elmegreen, Matt Copel, Marcelo A Kuroda, Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Glenn J Martyna, Dennis M Newns
CMOS and Beyond: Logic Switches for Terascale Integrated Circuits, 236, Cambridge University Press, 2014

Titration of submonolayer Au growth on Si (111)
J Kautz, MW Copel, MS Gordon, RM Tromp, SJ van der Molen
Physical Review B 89(3), 035416, APS, 2014


Giant Piezoresistive On/Off Ratios in Rare-Earth Chalcogenide Thin Films Enabling Nanomechanical Switching
M Copel, M. A. Kuroda, M. S. Gordon, X.-H. Liu, S. S. Mahajan, G. J. Martyna, N. Moumen, C. Armstrong, S. M. Rossnagel, T. M. Shaw, P. M. Solomon, T. N. Theis, J. J. Yurkas, Y. Zhu, and D. M. Newns
Nano Letters, ACS Publications, 2013

Consistently low subthreshold swing in carbon nanotube transistors using lanthanum oxide
A. D. Franklin, N. A. Bojarczuk, M. Copel
Appl. Phys. Lett. 102(1), 013108, AIP, 2013


Highly efficient fluorescence quenching with graphene
Amal Kasry, Ali A Ardakani, George S Tulevski, Bernhard Menges, Matthew Copel, Libor Vyklicky
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116(4), 2858--2862, ACS Publications, 2012

Physical characterization of sub-32-nm semiconductor materials and processes using advanced ion beam-based analytical techniques
MJP Hopstaken, D. Pfeiffer, M. Copel, MS Gordon, T. Ando, V. Narayanan, H. Jagannathan, S. Molis, JA Wahl, H. Bu, D.K. Sadana, L. Czornomaz, C. Marchiori, J. Fompeyrine
Surface and Interface Analysis 45(1), 338-344, Wiley Online Library, 2012


Direct Measurement of the Growth Mode of Graphene on SiC (0001) and SiC(0001‾)
JB Hannon, M Copel, RM Tromp
Phys Rev Lett107, 166101, APS, 2011

Band alignment at the Cu2ZnSn (SxSe1- x) 4/CdS interface
Richard Haight, Aaron Barkhouse, Oki Gunawan, Byungha Shin, Matt Copel, Marinus Hopstaken, David B Mitzi
Applied Physics Letters98, 253502, 2011

Medium energy ion scattering of Gr on SiC (0001) and Si (100)
M Copel, S Oida, A Kasry, AA Bol, JB Hannon, RM Tromp
Applied Physics Letters98, 113103, 2011


Stability of terbium scandate on Si (100)
M Copel, N Bojarczuk, LF Edge, S Guha
Applied Physics Letters97, 182901, 2010

Decoupling graphene from SiC (0001) via oxidation
S Oida, FR McFeely, JB Hannon, RM Tromp, M Copel, Z Chen, Y Sun, DB Farmer, J Yurkas
Physical Review B 82(4), 41411, APS, 2010


Interaction of La2O3 capping layers with HfO2 gate dielectrics
M. Copel, S. Guha, N. Bojarczuk, E. Cartier, V. Narayanan, and V. Paruchuri
Appl. Phys. Lett.95, 212903, 2009

Growth of nanostructures by locally modified surface reactivity
A Portavoce, M Kammler, R Hull, MC Reuter, M Copel, FM Ross
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Elsevier, 2009


Control of homoepitaxial Si nanostructures by locally modified surface reactivity
A Portavoce, R Hull, MC Reuter, M Copel, FM Ross
Applied Physics Letters 92(5), 053106, AIP Publishing, 2008

Au Stabilization and Coverage of Sawtooth Facets on Si Nanowires Grown by Vapor- Liquid- Solid Epitaxy
Christian Wiethoff, Frances M Ross, Matthew Copel, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, Frank-J Meyer zu Heringdorf
Nano letters 8(9), 3065--3068, ACS Publications, 2008


Atomic transport and integrity of Al O (2.0 nm)/HfO (2.5 nm) gate stacks on Si
L Miotti, RP Pezzi, M Copel, C Krug, IJR Baumvol
Appl. Phys. Lett, 2007

Examination of flatband and threshold voltage tuning of HfO/ TiN field effect transistors by dielectric cap layers
S Guha, VK Paruchuri, M Copel, V Narayanan, YY Wang, PE Batson, NA Bojarczuk, B Linder, B Doris
Applied Physics Letters90, 092902, 2007


Oxygen transport and reaction mechanisms in rhenium gate contacts on hafnium oxide films on Si
RP Pezzi, M Copel, M Gordon, E Cartier, IJR …
Applied Physics Letters, 2006 -

Reduction of hafnium oxide and hafnium silicate by rhenium and platinum
M Copel, RP Pezzi, D Neumayer, P Jamison
Applied Physics Letters, 2006 -

Effect of oxide overlayer formation on the growth of gold catalyzed epitaxial silicon nanowires
M Reuter, M Copel, E Tutuc, S Guha, RP Pezzi
Applied Physics Letters, 2006 -

Hafnium oxide gate dielectrics on sulfur-passivated germanium
MM Frank, SJ Koester, M Copel, JA Ott, VK …
Applied Physics Letters, 2006 -

Band-edge high-performance high-k/metal gate n-MOSFETs using cap layers containing group IIA and IIIB elements with gate-first processing for 45 nm and beyond
V Narayanan, VK Paruchuri, NA Bojarczuk, BP Linder, B Doris, YH Kim, S Zafar, J Stathis, S Brown, J Arnold, others
VLSI Technology, 2006, pp. 178--179


Role of oxygen vacancies in V FB/V t stability of pFET metals on HfO 2
E Cartier, FR McFeely, V Narayanan, P Jamison, BP Linder, M Copel, VK Paruchuri, VS Basker, R Haight, D Lim, others
VLSI Technology, 2005. Digest of Technical Papers. 2005 Symposium on, pp. 230--231


Interlayer composition of HfO/ Si (001) films
M Copel, MC Reuter, P Jamison
Applied Physics Letters, 2004 -

Microstructure and thermal stability of HfO gate dielectric deposited on Ge (100)
EP Gusev, H Shang, M Copel, M Gribelyuk, CDEmic, …
Applied Physics Letters, 2004 -

High-mobility ultrathin semiconducting films prepared by spin coating
DB Mitzi, LL Kosbar, CE Murray, M Copel, A Afzali
Nature 428(6980), 299--303, Nature Publishing Group, 2004


Ultrathin HfO< sub> 2 films grown on silicon by atomic layer deposition for advanced gate dielectrics applications
EP Gusev, C Cabral Jr, M Copel, C D’Emic, M Gribelyuk
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Epitaxial silicon and germanium on buried insulator heterostructures and devices
NA Bojarczuk, M Copel, S Guha, V Narayanan, EJ Preisler, FM Ross, H Shang
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Decomposition of interfacial SiO during HfO deposition
M Copel, MC Reuter
Applied Physics Letters, 2003 -

Selective desorption of interfacial SiO
M Copel
Applied Physics Letters, 2003 -

Ultrathin HfO2 films grown on silicon by atomic layer deposition for advanced gate dielectrics …
EP Gusev, C Cabral, M Copel, CDEmic, M Gribelyuk
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Interface reactions in ZrO based gate dielectric stacks
MA Gribelyuk, A Callegari, EP Gusev, M Copel, DA …
Journal of Applied Physics, 2002 -

High temperature stability of AlO dielectrics on Si: Interfacial metal diffusion and mobility …
H Okorn
Schmidt, M Copel, L Ragnarsson, NA … - Applied Physics Letters, 2002 -

Characterization of silicate/Si (001) interfaces
M Copel, E Cartier, V Narayanan, MC Reuter, S Guha, N Bojarczuk
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Ultrathin high-K metal oxides on silicon: processing, characterization and integration issues
EP Gusev, E Cartier, DA Buchanan, M Gribelyuk, M Copel, H Okorn-Schmidt, C D’emic
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Formation of a stratified lanthanum silicate dielectric by reaction with Si (001)
M Copel, E Cartier, FM Ross
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Robustness of ultrathin aluminum oxide dielectrics on Si (001)
M Copel, E Cartier, EP Gusev, S Guha, N Bojarczuk, M Poppeller
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High-resolution depth profiling in ultrathin Al2O3 films on Si
EP Gusev, M Copel, E Cartier, IJR Baumvol, C Krug, MA Gribelyuk
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Structure and stability of ultrathin zirconium oxide layers on Si (001)
M Copel, M Gribelyuk, E Gusev
Applied Physics Letters, 2000 -

Medium-energy ion scattering for analysis of microelectronic materials
M Copel
IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2000 -

Atomic beam deposition of lanthanum-and yttrium-based oxide thin films for gate dielectrics
S Guha, E Cartier, MA Gribelyuk, NA Bojarczuk, MC Copel
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Metallization induced band bending of SrTiO (100) and Ba Sr TiO
M Copel, PR Duncombe, DA Neumayer, TM Shaw, RM …
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Ring clusters in transition-metalsilicon surface structures
PA Bennett, M Copel, D Cahill, J Falta, RM Tromp
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Are bare surfaces detrimental in epitaxial growth?
M Copel, RM Tromp
Applied physics letters 58(23), 2648--2650, AIP, 1991

Defect self-annihilation in surfactant-mediated epitaxial growth
M Horn von Hoegen, FK LeGoues, M Copel, MC Reuter, RM Tromp
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Novel strain-induced defect in thin molecular-beam epitaxy layers
FK LeGoues, M Copel, R Tromp
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Surfactants in epitaxial growth
M Copel, MC Reuter, Efthimios Kaxiras, RM Tromp
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Structure of Au (110) determined with medium-energy-ion scattering
M Copel, T Gustafsson
Physical Review Letters 57(6), 723, APS, 1986