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High Speed Circuit Design
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Assembly and packaging of non-bumped 3D chip stacks on bumped substrates
Bing Dang, Joana Maria, Qianwen Chen, Jae-Woong Nah, Paul Andry, Cornelia Tsang, Katsuyuki Sakuma, Christy Tyberg, Raphael Robertazzi, Michael Scheuermann, others
2014 IEEE 64th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), pp. 1372--1377


Transient modeling of TSV-wire electromigration and lifetime analysis of power distribution network for 3D ICs
Xin Zhao, Yang Wan, Michael Scheuermann, Sung Kyu Lim
Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), 2013 IEEE/ACM International Conference on, pp. 363--370

Analysis and Modeling of DC Current Crowding for TSV-Based 3D Connections and Power Integrity
Xin Zhao, Michael Scheuermann, Sung Kyu Lim
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packinging and Manufacturing Technology, 2013


Analysis of DC current crowding in through-silicon-vias and its impact on power integrity in 3D ICs
Xin Zhao, Michael Scheuermann, Sung Kyu Lim
Proceedings of the 49th Annual Design Automation Conference, pp. 157--162, 2012

Decoupling capacitor modeling and characterization for power supply noise in 3D systems
Z. Xu, C. Putnam, X. Gu, M. Scheuermann, K. Rose, B. Webb, J. Knickerbocker, J. Q. Lu
2012 SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, pp. 414-419

Multiple voltage-supplies in TSV-based three-dimensional (3D) power distribution networks
Z. Xu, X. Gu, M. Scheuermann, K. Rose, B. C. Webb, J. U. Knickerbocker, J. Q. Lu
2012 IEEE 62nd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp. 1819-1825

Modeling of power delivery into 3D chips on silicon interposer
Z. Xu, X. Gu, M. Scheuermann, K. Rose, B. C. Webb, J. U. Knickerbocker, J. Q. Lu
2012 IEEE 62nd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp. 683-689

A 3D system prototype of an eDRAM cache stacked over processor-like logic using through-silicon vias
Matt Wordeman, Joel Silberman, Gary Maier, Michael Scheuermann
Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers (ISSCC), 2012 IEEE International, pp. 186--187


Design and modeling methodology of vertical interconnects for 3DI applications
Rachel Gordin, David Goren, Shlomo Shlafman, Danny Elad, Michael Scheuermann, Albert Young, Fei Liu, Xiaoxiong Gu, Christy Tyberg
Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, IEEE Transactions on 1(2), 163--167, IEEE, 2011


Thermal modeling of on-chip interconnects and 3D packaging using EM tools
Lijun Jiang, Seshadri Kolluri, Barry J Rubin, Howard Smith, EG Colgan, MR Scheuermann, JA Wakil, A Deutsch, J Gill
Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging, 2008 IEEE-EPEP, pp. 279--282


Physical design of a fourth-generation POWER GHz microprocessor
Carl J Anderson, J Petrovick, JM Keaty, J Warnock, G Nussbaum, JM Tendier, C Carter, S Chu, J Clabes, J DiLullo, others
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Anomalous voltage overshoot during turn-off of thin-film n-channel SOI MOSFET's
E Dubois, GG Shahidi, MR Scheuermann
IEEE electron device letters 14(4), 164--166, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1993

Characterization of resistive transmission lines to 70 GHz with ultrafast optoelectronics
A Deutsch, MR Scheuermann, G Arjavalingam, L Kneller, JK Tam, CW Surovic
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Rapid programmable 300 ps optical delay scanner and signal-averaging system for ultrafast measurements
DC Edelstein, RB Romney, M Scheuermann
Review of scientific instruments 62(3), 579--583, AIP, 1991

A high-speed silicon metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector fully integrable with (Bi) CMOS circuits
E Bassous, M Scheuermann, VP Kesan, M Ritter, J-M Halbout, SS Iyer
Electron Devices Meeting, 1991. IEDM'91. Technical Digest., International, pp. 187--190

Seebeck and Nernst effect in the mixed state of slightly oxygen deficient YBaCuO
RP Huebener, F Kober, H-C Ri, K Knorr, CC Tsuei, CC Chi, MR Scheuermann
Physica C: Superconductivity 181(4), 345--354, Elsevier, 1991


Ultra-High Bandwidth Detachable Optoelectronic Probes
M Scheuermann, R Sprik, JM Halbout, PA Moskowitz, M Ketchen
March \&-1iOr 1989 in Salt Lake Cityr Utah Vo [ume 4, 22

Electronic noise in Ba< sub> 2 YCu< sub> 3 O< sub> 7 films at high temperatures: a possible connection to stress relaxation
A Davidson, NF Pedersen, A Palevski, MR Scheuermann
Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 25(2), 2230--2232, IEEE, 1989


Patterning of High Tc Superconductor Films with a Focussed Excimer Laser
JM Hagerhorst, JD Mannhart, MM Oprysko, MR Scheuermann, CC Tsuei
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Insitu resistance of Y1Ba2Cu3Ox films during anneal
A Davidson, A Palevski, MJ Brady, RB Laibowitz, R Koch, M Scheuermann, CC Chi
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Micropatterning of high Tc films with an excimer laser
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Magnetron Sputtering High Tc Films From Metal Alloy Targets
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In situ resistance of Y< inf> 1 Ba< inf> 2 Cu< inf> 3 O< inf> x films during anneal
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DC Sqiids made from YBa< sub> 2 Cu< sub> 3 O< sub> y
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Direct measurement of the superconducting properties of single grain boundaries in Y\_ $\$1$\$ Ba\_ $\$2$\$ Cu\_ $\$3$\$ O\_ $\$7-$\delta$$\$
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Picosecond Electrical Pulse for VLSI Electronics Characterization
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Minority carrier transport in silicon
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Time-of-flight measurements of minority-carrier transport in p-silicon
DD Tang, FF Fang, M Scheuermann, TC Chen
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Effect of nonlinear damping on the zero field steps of long Josephson tunnel junctions
M Scheuermann, CC Chi
SQUID'85: Superconducting quantum interference devices and their applications, 1985

Distinct modes in the first zero-field current step of Josephson tunnel junctions
Jhy-Jiun Chang, JT Chen, MR Scheuermann, DJ Scalapino
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Josephson current distribution in two-dimensional Josephson tunnel junctions
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Interaction between microwaves and a single vortex in a long Josephson tunnel junction
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Observation of vortex structures in Josephson junctions by laser scanning
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Observation of step structures on the resistive branches of long Josephson tunnel junctions
Michael R Scheuermann, TV Rajeevakumar, Jhy-Jiun Chang, JT Chen
Physica B+ C 107(1), 543--544, Elsevier, 1981

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Session 3.3: Invited Session Power 4 Microprocessor
Joachim Clabes, Brian Zoric, Philip Strenski, Michael Scheuermann
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