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Data Scientist/Researcher
IBM@Cambridge, MA, USA



Slack Channels Ecology in Enterprises: How Employees Collaborate Through Group Chat
Dakuo Wang, Haoyu Wang, Mo Yu, Zahra Ashktorab, Ming Tan
https://arxiv.org/abs/1906.01756, 2019

Out-of-Domain Detection for Low-Resource Text Classification Tasks.
Ming Tan, Yang Yu, Haoyu Wang, Dakuo Wang, Saloni Potdar, Shiyu Chang and Mo Yu
accepted by EMNLP, 2019

Context-Aware Conversation Thread Detection in Group Chat
Ming Tan, Dakuo Wang, Yupeng Gao, Haoyu Wang, Saloni Potdar, Xiaoxiao Guo, Shiyu Chang and Mo Yu
accepted by EMNLP, 2019

Extracting Multiple-Relations in One-Pass with Pre-Trained Transformers
Haoyu Wang, Ming Tan, Mo Yu, Shiyu Chang, Dakuo Wang, Kun Xu, Xiaoxiao Guo, Saloni Potdar
ACL, 2019


Attentive Pooling Networks
Cicero dos Santos, Ming Tan, Bing Xiang, Bowen Zhou
https://arxiv.org/abs/1602.03609, 2016

FastHybrid: A Hybrid Model for Efficient Answer Selection
Lidan Wang, Ming Tan, Jiawei Han
International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING), 2016

LSTM-based Deep Learning Models for non-factoid answer selection
Ming Tan, Cicero dos Santos, Bing Xiang, Bowen Zhou
International Conference on Learning Representations (workshop track), 2016

Improved Representation Learning for Question Answer Matching
Ming Tan, Cicero dos Santos, Bing Xiang and Bowen Zhou
The 54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies (ACL), 2016