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Research Staff Member - Plasma processings
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Effects of ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet synchrotron radiation on organic underlayers to modulate line-edge roughness of fine-pitch poly-silicon patterns
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Highly selective dry etching of polystyrene-poly (methyl methacrylate) block copolymer by gas pulsing carbon monoxide-based plasmas
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Directed self-assembly patterning strategies for phase change memory applications
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High chi block copolymer DSA to improve pattern quality for FinFET device fabrication
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Initial evaluation and comparison of plasma damage to atomic layer carbon materials using conventional and low Te plasma sources
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Defect mitigation of plasma-induced delamination of TiW/Cu from SiN x layer in thin si interposer processing with glass carriers
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Self-aligned line-space pattern customization with directed self-assembly graphoepitaxy at 24nm pitch
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Electrical characterization of FinFETs with fins formed by directed self assembly at 29 nm fin pitch using a self-aligned fin customization scheme
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Reaction yields of diamondoid synthesis by plasmas generated in supercritical xenon
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Pattern transfer of directed self-assembly patterns for CMOS device applications
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Scalable and fully self-aligned n-type carbon nanotube transistors with gate-all-around
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Synthesis of sp $\^{}$\{$3$\}$ $ bonded carbon nano materials by supercritical fluid plasma
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Plasmas in Super critical Fluids -Fundamentals and Applications- 2. Direct Current and Alternate Current Plasmas
H. Miyazoe, S. Stauss, K. Terashima
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in Japanese

High rate deposition of ZnO thin films by a small-scale inductively coupled argon plasma generated in open air
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Improving the metallic content of focused electron beam-induced deposits by a scanning electron microscope integrated hydrogen-argon microplasma generator
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Ultrahigh-frequency microplasma jet as a low-power, high-density, and localized ions/radicals source
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Development and Characterization of Thermoelectron Enhanced Microplasma Devices for the Generation of Plasmas in Micro-sized Capillaries
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Влияние температуры подложки и скорости осаждения на начальный рост тонких пленок ниобата-танталата лития, полученных методом термальной
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