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Chief Engineer, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
IBM TJ Watson Research Center


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Workload acceleration with the IBM POWER vector-scalar architecture
Michael Gschwind
IBM Journal of Research and Development 60(2-3), 14:1 - 14:18, IBM, 2016


The SIMD accelerator for business analytics on the IBM z13
Schwarz, E.M. Krishnamurthy, R.B. ; Parris, C.J. ; Bradbury, J.D. ; Nnebe, I.M. ; Gschwind, M.
IBM Journal of Research and Development 59(4/5), 2015

I/O Virtualization and System Acceleration in POWER8
Michael Gschwind
Hot Chips 2015, IEEE

IBM POWER8 processor core microarchitecture
Sinharoy, B. ; Van Norstrand, J.A. ; Eickemeyer, R.J. ; Le, H.Q. ; Leenstra, J. ; Nguyen, D.Q. ; Konigsburg, B. ; Ward, K. ; Brown, M.D. ; Moreira, J.E. ; Levitan, D. ; Tung, S. ; Hrusecky, D. ; Bishop, J.W. ; Gschwind, M. ; Boersma, M. ; Kroener, M. ; K
IBM Journal of Research and Development 59(1), IBM, 2015



Blue Gene/Q: by co-design
Blue Gene Team
Computer Science - Research and Development, Springer Verlag, 2012

Blue Gene/Q: design for sustained multi-petaflop computing
M. Gschwind
Proceedings of the 26th ACM international conference on Supercomputing, pp. 245--246, 2012

The IBM Blue Gene/Q Compute Chip
R.A. Haring, M. Ohmacht, T.W. Fox, M.K. Gschwind, D.L. Satterfield, K. Sugavanam, P.W. Coteus, P. Heidelberger, M.A. Blumrich, R.W. Wisniewski, A. Gara, G.L.-T. Chiu, P.A. Boyle, N.H. Chist, Changhoan Kim
Micro, IEEE 32(2), 48 -60, IEEE, 2012

Guest Editorial: Parallel Systems and Compilers
Valentina Salapura, Michael Gschwind, Jens Knoop
International Journal of Parallel Programming 40(1), 1--3, Springer Netherlands, 2012


SoftBeam: Precise tracking of transient faults and vulnerability analysis at processor design time
Michael Gschwind, Valentina Salapura, Catherine Trammell, Sally A McKee
IEEE 29th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), pp. 404--410, IEEE, 2011


Application Acceleration with the Cell Broadband Engine
G Shi, V Kindratenko, F Pratas, P Trancoso, M Gschwind
Computing in Science & Engineering 12(1), 76--81, IEEE, 2010


High Performance Computing with the Cell Broadband Engine
Michael Gschwind, Fred Gustavson, and Jan F. Prins
Scientific Programming, 2009

Topical Issue on Hybrid Systems
M Gschwind, M Perrone
IBM Journal of Research and Development 53(5), IBM, 2009

64-bit prefix adders: Power-efficient topologies and design solutions
C Zhou, B M Fleischer, M Gschwind, R Puri
Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, pp. 179--182, 2009

Integrated execution: a programming model for accelerators
M Gschwind
IBM Journal of Research and Development 53(5), 4--1, IBM, 2009


Special issue of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing: General-Purpose Paralle l Processing Using GPUs
Miriam Leeser, France Daniel Connors, Michael Gschwind, David Kaeli, Nagarajan Kandasamy, Mateo Valero, Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Amitahb Varshney
J. Parallel Distrib. Comput68, 116, 2008

Cell GC: using the cell synergistic processor as a garbage collection coprocessor
C Y Cher, M Gschwind
Proceedings of the fourth ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS international conference on Virtual execution environments (VEE), pp. 141--150, 2008

Optimizing data sharing and address translation for the Cell BE Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessor
M Gschwind
ICCD - International Conference on Computer Design, pp. 478--485, 2008

Next-generation performance counters: Towards monitoring over thousand concurrent events
Valentina Salapura, Karthik Ganesan, Alan Gara, Michael Gschwind, James C Sexton, Robert E Walkup
ISPASS 2008, IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software, pp. 139--146


The cell broadband engine: exploiting multiple levels of parallelism in a chip multiprocessor
M Gschwind
International Journal of Parallel Programming 35(3), 233--262, Springer, 2007

An open source environment for cell broadband engine system software
M Gschwind, D Erb, S Manning, M Nutter
Computer 40(6), 37--47, IEEE, 2007


Cell broadband engine -- enabling density computing for data-rich environments
M Gschwind, BD D'Amora, JK O'Brien, K O'Brien, AE Eichenberger, P Wu
Tutorial presented at the Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2006

Chip multiprocessing and the cell broadband engine
M Gschwind
Proceedings of the 3rd conference on Computing frontiers, pp. 1--8, 2006

Synergistic processing in cell's multicore architecture
M Gschwind, H P Hofstee, B Flachs, M Hopkin, Y Watanabe, T Yamazaki
Micro, IEEE 26(2), 10--24, IEEE, 2006

Using advanced compiler technology to exploit the performance of the Cell Broadband Engine
A. Eichenberger, J. K. O'brien, K. M. O'brien, P. Wu, T. Chen, P. H. Oden, D. A. Prener, J. C. Shepherd, Z. Sura, A. Wang, T. Zhang, P. Zhao, M. K. Gschwind, R. Archambault, Y. Gao, R. Koo
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A novel SIMD architecture for the Cell heterogeneous chip-multiprocessor
M Gschwind, P Hofstee, B Flachs, M Hopkins, Y Watanabe, T Yamazaki
Hot Chips, 2005

Optimizing Compiler for the CELL Processor
J. K. O'Brien, K. M. O'Brien, P. Wu, T. Chen, P. H. Oden, D. A. Prener, J. C. Shepherd, B. So, Z. Sura, A. Wang, T. Zhang, P. Zhao, M. K. Gschwind
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Power and performance optimization at the system level
Valentina Salapura, Randy Bickford, Matthias Blumrich, Arthur A Bright, Dong Chen, Paul Coteus, Alan Gara, Mark Giampapa, Michael Gschwind, Manish Gupta, others
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Integrated analysis of power and performance for pipelined microprocessors
P. Bose, D. Brooks, P. Emma, M. Gschwind, V. Srinivasan, P. Strenski, V. Zyuban
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BOA: A second generation DAISY architecture
E Altman, M Gschwind
Tutorial presented at 31st international symposium on computer architecture, 2004

Exploring real time multimedia content creation in video games
B Matthews, J D Wellman, M Gschwind
6th Workshop on Media and Streaming Processors, 2004


Microarchitecture-level power-performance analysis: the powertimer approach
David Brooks, Pradip Bose, Viji Srinivasan, Michael Gschwind, P Emma, M Rosenfield
IBM J. Research and Development 47(5/6), 653--670, 2003

Early-stage definition of LPX: A low power issue-execute processor
P Bose, D Brooks, A Buyuktosunoglu, P Cook, K Das, P Emma, M Gschwind, H Jacobson, T Karkhanis, P Kudva
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New methodology for early-stage, microarchitecture-level power-performance analysis of microprocessors
David Brooks, Pradip Bose, Viji Srinivasan, MK Gschwind, Philip G Emma, Michael G Rosenfield
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Early-Stage Definition of LPX: A Low Power Issue-Execute Processor Prototype
P Bose, DM Brooks, A Buyuktosunoglu, PW Cook, K Das, P Emma, M Gschwind, H Jacobson, T Karkhanis, SE Schuster, others
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Optimizing pipelines for power and performance
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Precise exception semantics in dynamic compilation
M Gschwind, E Altman
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Dynamic Binary Translation and Optimization
Kemal Ebcioglu, Erik Altman, Michael Gschwind, Sumedh Sathaye
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FPGA prototyping of a RISC processor core for embedded applications
Michael Gschwind, Valentina Salapura, Dietmar Maurer
Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, IEEE Transactions on 9(2), 241--250, IEEE, 2001

High frequency pipeline architecture using the recirculation buffer
M Gschwind, S Kosonocky, E Altman
IBM Research Report (RC23113), IBM, 2001

Advances and Future Challenges in Binary Translation and Optimization
Erik Altman, Kemal Ebcio u g, Michael Gschwind, Sumedh Sathaye
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Optimization and Precise Exceptions in Dynamic Compilation
Michael Gschwind, Erik Altman
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Optimization and Precise Exceptions in Dynamic Compilation
Michael Gschwind, Eric R Altman
Second Workshop on Binary Translation, held in conjunction with PACT 2000

BOA: The architecture of a binary translation processor
E Altman, M Gschwind, S Sathaye, S Kosonocky, A Bright, J Fritts, P Ledak, others
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Binary translation and architecture convergence issues for IBM System/390
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Dynamic and transparent binary translation
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BOA: Targeting multi-gigahertz with binary translation
S. Sathaye, P. Ledak, J. LeBlanc, S. Kosonocky, M. Gschwind, J. Fritts, Z. Filan, A. Bright, D. Appenzeller, E. Altman, C. Agricola
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Execution-based scheduling for VLIW architectures
K Ebcioglu, ER Altman, S Sathaye, M Gschwind
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DAISY/390: Full System Binary Translation of IBM System/390
M Gschwind, K Ebcioglu, E Altman, S Sathaye
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Efficient instruction scheduling with precise exceptions
E Altman, K Ebcioglu, M Gschwind, S Sathaye
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Execution-based scheduling for VLIW architectures
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Instruction set selection for ASIP design
M Gschwind
Hardware/Software Codesign, 1999, pp. 7--11


Method and apparatus for determining branch addresses in programs generated by binary translation
Michael Gschwind
IBM Disclosures YOR819980334, Citeseer

JavaVM implementation: Compilers versus hardware
A Krall, A Ertl, M Gschwind
ACACS, pp. 101--110, 1998

Hardware/software co-design of a fuzzy RISC processor
Valentina Salapura, Michael Gschwind
Proceedings of the Conference on Design, Automation and Test in Europe, pp. 875--882, 1998

An eight-issue tree-VLIW processor for dynamic binary translation
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A Generic Building Block For Hopfield Neural Networks With On-chip Learning
Gschwind, M.; Salapura, V.; Maischberger, O.
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Optimizing VHDL code for FPGA targets
Michael Gschwind, Valentina Salapura
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A VHDL design methodology for FPGAs
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Vector prefetching
M K Gschwind, T J Pietsch
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RAN2SOM: a reconfigurable neural network architecture based on bit stream arithmetic
Michael Gschwind, Valentina Salapura, Oliver Maischberger
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FTP access as a user-defined file system
M K Gschwind
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