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Research Staff Member
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Workflow for Automatic Measurement of Doppler Pipeline
Colin Compas, Mehdi Moradi, Mohammadreza Negahdar, Tanveer F. Syeda-Mahmood

Detection of Valve Disease from Analysis of Doppler Waveforms Exploiting the Echocardiography Annotations
Mohammadreza Negahdar, Tanveer F. Syeda-Mahmood

Automatic Extraction of Disease-specific Features from Doppler Images
Mohammadreza Negahdar, Mehdi Moradi, Nripesh Parajuli, David Beymer, Tanveer F. Syeda-Mahmood


Volumetric Deformable Registration Method for Thoracic 4-D Computed Tomography Images and Method of Determining Regional Lung Function
Mohammadreza Negahdar, Amir Amini, Neal Dunlap, Shiao Woo


High-Resolution Imaging of Regional Lung Function by Xenon-CT
Mohammadreza Negahdar, Billy W. Loo, Peter G. Maxim

Pulmonary Nodule Elastometry-based 4D CT Imaging for Early Detection of Lung Cancer
Peter G. Maxim, Billy W. Loo, Mohammadreza Negahdar, Frederick M. Lartey

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