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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Hybrid and hierarchical outlier detection system and method for large scale data protection
Qiao, M., Routray, R., Zhang, Q.
US Patent App. 15/397,627

Workload-aware thin-provisioning storage-allocation system
Qiao, M., Jain, R., Routray, R., Auvenshine, J., Olson, J., Wood, S.
US Patent App. 15/336,964

Estimating file level input/output operations per second (iops)
Lee, S., Qiao, M., Routray, R., Klingenberg, B.J.
US Patent 10,032,115

Assigning Storage Locations based on a graph structure of a workload
Lee, S., Qiao, M., Routray, R., Auvenshine, J., Olson, J., Wood, S.
US Patent 10,007,580

Disaster recovery as a service using virtualization technique
Song, Y., Jain, R., Routray, R., Qiao, M.,
US Patent App. 15/056489


Generating efficient sampling strategoy processing for business data relevance classification
Qiao, M., Routray, R., Lee, S., Karumanchi, S.
US Patent App. 14/943,915

Document-based requirement identification and extraction
Nezhad, H.M., Kim, H., Nakamurra, T., Qiao, M.
US Patent App. 14/932,999

Predicting cloud enablement from storage and data metrics harnessed from across stack
Routray, R., Qiao, M., Lee, S., Karumanchi, S.
US Patent App. 14/923,112


Edge access control in querying facts stored in graph databases
Qiao, M., Nakamura, T., Mukherjee, D., Strong, R., Akkiraju, R.
US Patent 9,940,472


Business process transformation recommendation generation
Qiao, M., Akkiraju, R., Rembert, A. J.
US Patent App. 13/596,862

On-site composition and aesthetics feedback through exemplars for photographers
Wang, J. Z., Li, J., Qiao, M., Yao, L., Suryanarayan, P.
US Patent 8,781,175