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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  DIMACS  |  IEEE Member  |  Mathematical Optimization Society  |  Women in Technology (WIT)


Programming Software-Defined Infrastructure Federation Using Constraints
M.Abdelbaky, M. Unuvar, J. Diaz-Montes, M. Romanus, M. Steinder, and M. Parashar
SuperComputing (submitted), 2016


Performance evaluation of monolithic and microservices architectures using containers
M. Amaral, J. Polo, D. Carrera, I. Mohomed, M. Unuvar and M. Steinder,
IEEE Cluster, 2015

Leveraging Path Information to Generate Predictions for Parallel Business Processes
Merve Unuvar, Geetika T. Lakhsmanan, Yurdaer N. Doganata
Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS), 2015

Predictive Analytics for Business Processes in Service Management
Yurdaer N. Doganata, Geetika T. Lakshmanan
Maximizing Management Performance and Quality with Service Analytics, IGI, 2015

Selecting Optimum Cloud Availability Zones by Learning User Satisfaction Levels
Merve Unuvar, Stefania Tosi, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Malgorzata Steinder, Asser Tantawi
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing 8(2), 199-211, 2015


Overutilization control with stochastic admission controller
Merve Unuvar, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Asser N. Tantawi, Malgorzata Steinder
CNSM, 2014

Optimal capacity design under k -out-of- n and consecutive k -out-of- n type probabilistic constraints
Merve Unuvar, E. Erman Ozguven, Andras Prekopa
Annals of Operations Research, Springer US, 2014

Model for Evaluating Strategies for Overload Relief in Oversubscribed Clouds
Merve Unuvar, Salman Baset
IFORS, 2014

Hybrid Cloud Placement Algorithm
Merve Unuvar, Malgorzata Steinder, Asser N Tantawi
Modelling, Analysis \& Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2014 IEEE 22nd International Symposium on, pp. 197--206

A Predictive Method for Identifying Optimum Cloud Availability Zones
Merve Unuvar, Stefani Tosi, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Malgorzata Steinder, Asser N. Tantawi


Configuring cloud admission policies under dynamic demand
Merve Unuvar, Yurdaer N Doganata, Asser N Tantawi
Modeling, Analysis \& Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2013 IEEE 21st International Symposium on, pp. 313--317

A Markov Prediction Model for Data-Driven Semi-Structured Business Processes
Geetika T Lakshmanan, Davood Shamsi, Yurdaer Doganata, Merve Unuvar, Rania Khalaf
Knowledge and Information Systems(KAIS), 2013


Solution of an Optimal Reservoir Capacity Problem under Probabilistic Constraints
M. Unuvar, E. E. Ozguven, and A. Prekopa
Rutcor Research Report, 2012


Stochastic Network Design Problem with Probabilistic Constraint,
A. Prekopa, M.Unuvar (Stochastic Programming Session Chair)
2011 INFORMS Conference,


Stochastic Network Design with Random Demand and Arc Capacities
A. Prekopa, M. Unuvar
2010 EURO Conference,


Bounding the Reliability of a Stochastic Transportation Network with Random Demands and Arc Capacities
M.Unuvar, A.Prekopa
2009 EURO Conference


Improved Bounds on the Existence of a Feasible Flow in a Stochastic Transportation Network
M. Unuvar, O. Cavus and A. Prekopa
Technical Report, DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science), 2008