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Research Staff Member, Multimedia Analytics
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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A Radial Self-Calibrated (RASCAL) GRAPPA method using Weight Interpolation
N.C.F. Codella, P. Spincemaille, M. Prince, Y. Wang
NMR in biomedicine 24(7), 844, NIH Public Access, 2011

IBM Research and Columbia University TRECVID-2011 Multimedia Event Detection (MED) System
Liangliang Cao, Shih-Fu Chang, Noel Codella, Courtenay Cotton, Dan Ellis, Leiguang Gong, Matthew Hill, Gang Hua, John Kender, Michele Merler, Yadong Mu, Apostol Natseve, John R. Smith
NIST TRECVID Workshop, 2011

Towards large scale land-cover recognition of satellite images
N.C.F. Codella, G. Hua, A. Natsev, J.R. Smith
Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS) 2011 8th International Conference on, pp. 1--5

A radial self-calibrated (RASCAL) generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisition (GRAPPA) method using weight interpolation
N.C.F. Codella, P. Spincemaille, M. Prince, Y. Wang
NMR in Biomedicine 24(7), 844--854, Wiley Online Library, 2011


Automated segmentation of routine cine-CMR for volumetric assessment of presence and severity of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction
D.D. Mendoza, N.C.F. Codella, S. Sethi, K. Kawaji, S. Manoushagian, M.R. Prince, R.B. Devereux, J.K. Min, M.D. Cham, Y. Wang, others
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Impact of diastolic dysfunction severity on global left ventricular volumetric filling-assessment by automated segmentation of routine cine cardiovascular magnetic resonance
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Rapid and accurate left ventricular chamber quantification using a novel CMR segmentation algorithm: a clinical validation study
N.C.F. Codella, M.D. Cham, R. Wong, C. Chu, J.K. Min, M.R. Prince, Y. Wang, J.W. Weinsaft
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Respiratory and cardiac self-gated free-breathing cardiac CINE imaging with multiecho 3D hybrid radial SSFP acquisition
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Automatic left ventricle segmentation using iterative thresholding and an active contour model with adaptation on short-axis cardiac MRI
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Rapid automated quantification of left ventricular ejection fraction with LV-METRIC--a novel segmentation algorithm
N.C.F. Codella, M.D. Cham, R. Wong, C. Chu, K. Healy, M.R. Prince, Y. Wang, J.W. Weinsaft
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Automated Segmentation of Routine Clinical Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Assessment of Left Ventricular Diastolic DysfunctionCLINICAL PERSPECTIVE
K. Kawaji, N.C.F. Codella, M.R. Prince, C.W. Chu, A. Shakoor, T.M. LaBounty, J.K. Min, R.V. Swaminathan, R.B. Devereux, Y. Wang, others
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2030 Established cmr methods for left ventricular quantification differ based on variable exclusion of papillary/trabecular volumes: increased diagnostic impact among patients with left ventricular hypertrophy
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Left ventricle segmentation using graph searching on intensity and gradient and a priori knowledge (lvGIGA) for short-axis cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
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Effects of papillary muscles and trabeculae on left ventricular quantification: increased impact of methodological variability in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy
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Left Ventricle: Automated Segmentation by Using Myocardial Effusion Threshold Reduction and Intravoxel Computation at MR Imaging1
N.C.F. Codella, J.W. Weinsaft, M.D. Cham, M. Janik, M.R. Prince, Y. Wang
Radiology 248(3), 1004--1012, Radiological Society of North America, 2008