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Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI, Computer Vision
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE

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Viewpoint recognition in computer tomography images
Codella, Noel and Moradi, Mehdi and Syeda-Mahmood, Tanveer
US Patent 9,652,846

System and method for comparing training data with test data
Codella, Noel Christopher and Kender, John Ronald and Smith, John Richard
US Patent App. 14/982,036

Surface reflectance reduction in images
Codella, Noel C and Lin, Chung-Ching and Pankanti, Sharathchandra U and Ratha, Nalini K
US Patent App. 15/164,282


Category Oversampling for Imbalanced Machine Learning
Codella, Noel C and Hua, Gang and Smith, John R
US Patent 20,160,092,789

Method and system for categorizing heart disease states
Codella, Noel C and Jonathan, H Connell II and Smith, John R and Ratha, Nalini K
US Patent 9,311,703


Unique cardiovascular measurements for human identification
Codella, Noel C and Connell, Jonathan and Leiguang, Gong and Natsev, Apostol I and Ratha, Nalini
US Patent 9,031,288

Static Image Segmentation
Codella, Noel C and Hua, Gang and Smith, John R
US Patent 20,150,332,469

Techniques for ground-level photo geolocation using digital elevation
Cao, Liangliang and Codella, Noel CF and Hua, Gang and Smith, John R
US Patent 9,165,217

Social media event detection and content-based retrieval
Codella, Noel C and Natsev, Apostol and Smith, John R
US Patent 9,002,069


Image Segmentation Techniques
Codella, Noel C and Smith, John R
US Patent App. 14/012,112


Method for segmenting objects in images
Y. Wang, N.C.F. Codella, H.Y. Lee
US Patent App. 12/124,973