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Director, Hybrid Cloud Services, IBM Master Inventor
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA




Aqueous cerium-containing solution having an extended bath lifetime for removing mask material
Ali Afzali-Ardakani, John A Fitzsimmons, Nicholas CM Fuller, Mahmoud Khojasteh, Jennifer V Muncy, George G Totir, Karl E Boggs, Emanuel I Cooper, Michael W Owens, James L Simpson, others
US Patent 8,618,036

Use of an organic planarizing mask for cutting a plurality of gate lines
Nicholas CM Fuller, Pratik P Joshi, Mahmoud Khojasteh, Rajiv M Ranade, George G Totir
US Patent 8,367,556


Base station power control in a mobile network
Nicholas CM Fuller, Yasunao Katayama, Arun S Natarajan
US Patent App. 13/661,750

Optimized License Procurement
Nicholas C Fuller, Hui Lei, Jian Qiu, Zhe Zhang, Liangzhao Zeng
US Patent App. 13/662,065

Mixed lithography with dual resist and a single pattern transfer
Nicholas C Fuller, Michael A Guillorn, Balasubramanian S Pranatharthi Haran, Jyotica V Patel
US Patent 8,334,090


High selectivity nitride etch process
JB Chang, SU Engelmann, NCM Fuller, MA Guillorn, M Nakamura

Resist stripping methods using backfilling material layer
Nicholas CM Fuller, Sivananda Kanakasabapathy, Ying Zhang
US Patent 7,935,637

Sub-lithographic dimensioned air gap formation and related structure
Daniel C Edelstein, Nicholas CM Fuller, David V Horak, Elbert E Huang, Wai-kin Li, Anthony D Lisi, Satyanarayana V Nitta, Shom Ponoth
US Patent 7,943,480


Gate patterning of nano-channel devices
Nicholas CM Fuller, Sarunya Bangsaruntip, Guy Cohen, Sebastian U Engelmann, Lidija Sekaric, Qingyun Yang, Ying Zhang
US Patent 7,816,275

Systems and methods for building and implementing ontology-based information resources
Juan Fernando Arg\"uello, Youssef Drissi, Nicholas CM Fuller, Ijeoma M Nnebe, Daby M Sow
US Patent 7,739,218



Method of forming an interconnect structure
Heidi Lee Baks, Shyng-Tsong Chen, Timothy Joseph Dalton, Nicholas Colvin Masi Fuller, Kaushik Arun Kumar
US Patent 7,358,182

Interconnect structures with partially self aligned vias and methods to produce same
Matthew Earl Colburn, Nicholas C Fuller, Elbert Huang, Satyanarayana V Nitta
US Patent App. 12/030,756

Self-aligned borderless contacts for high density electronic and memory device integration
Katherina E Babich, Josephine B Chang, Nicholas C Fuller, Michael A Guillorn, Isaac Lauer, Michael J Rooks
US Patent App. 12/193,339


Waveguide polarization beam splitters and method of fabricating a waveguide wire-grid polarization beam splitter
Charles T Black, Gian-Luca Bona, Timothy J Dalton, Nicholas CM Fuller, Roland Germann, Maurice McGlashan-Powell, Chandrasekhar Narayan, Robert L Sandstrom
US Patent 7,298,935


De-fluorination of wafer surface and related structure
Timothy J Dalton, Nicholas CM Fuller, Kaushik A Kumar, Catherine Labelle
US Patent 7,049,209