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Design, Performance, Tooling
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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On-the-fly Capacity Planning
Nick Mitchell, Peter Sweeney
OOPSLA, 2013


Patterns of Memory Inefficiency
Adriana Chis, Nick Mitchell, Edith Schonberg, Gary Sevitsky, Patrick O'Sullivan, Trevor Parsons, John Murphy
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Erik Altman, Matthew Arnold, Rajesh Bordawekar, Robert Delmonico, Nick Mitchell, Peter F. Sweeney
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Software Bloat Analysis: Finding, Removing, and Preventing Performance Problems in Modern Large-Scale Object-Oriented Applications
Guoqing Xu, Nick Mitchell, Matthew Arnold, Atanas Rountev, and Gary Sevitsky
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Performance Analysis Of Idle Programs
Erik Altman, Matthew Arnold, Stephen Fink, Nick Mitchell
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Four trends leading to Java runtime bloat
N Mitchell, E Schonberg, G Sevitsky
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Making sense of large heaps
N Mitchell, E Schonberg, G Sevitsky
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Go with the flow: profiling copies to find runtime bloat
G Xu, M Arnold, N Mitchell, A Rountev, G Sevitsky
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Data structure health
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N Mitchell, G Sevitsky
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The runtime structure of object ownership
N Mitchell
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LeakBot: An automated and lightweight tool for diagnosing memory leaks in large Java applications
N Mitchell, G Sevitsky
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Ilp versus tlp on smt
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A compiler perspective on architectural evolutions
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Optical character recognition and parsing of typeset mathematics
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