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Resarch Staff Member - Advanced Plasma Physics and Process
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Vacuum Society  |  Electrochemical Society (ECS)  |  Materials Research Society (MRS)

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Cryogenic Patterning of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
A.J. Annunziata, C. Kothandaraman, N.P. Marchack, H. Miyazoe
US Patent App. 15/258,265

Combined CMP and RIE contact scheme for MRAM applications
M.F. Lofaro, N.P. Marchack, J.J. Nowak, E.J. O' Sullivan
US Patent 10,014,464

Selective growth of seed layer for magneto-resistive random access memory
A.J. Annunziata, C. Kothandaraman, N.P. Marchack, E.J. O'Sullivan
US Patent App. 15/452,357


Low temperature encapsulation for magnetic tunnel junction
A.J. Annunziata, S.U. Engelmann, E.A. Joseph, G.P. Lauer, N.P. Marchack, D.A. Neumayer, M. Yamazaki
US Patent 9,691,972

Reduced process degradation of spin torque magnetoresistive random access memory
A.J. Annunziata, G.P. Lauer, N.P. Marchack, S.M. Rossnagel
US Patent 9,853,210

Enhanced coercivity in MTJ devices by contact depth control
Anthony J Annunziata, Gen P Lauer, Nathan P Marchack
US Patent 9,660,179

Spin torque mram fabrication using negative tone lithography and ion beam etching
A.J. Annunziata, A.A. Galan, S. Holmes, E.A. Joseph, G.P. Lauer, Q. Lin, N.P. Marchack
US Patent 9,705,077


Techniques for forming contacts for active BEOL
Sebastian U Engelmann, Steve J Holmes, Qinghuang Lin, Nathan P Marchack, Eugene J O'sullivan
US Patent 9,490,164

Low degradation MRAM encapsulation process using silicon-rich silicon nitride film
Anthony J Annunziata, Chandrasekaran Kothandaraman, Gen P Lauer, Junghyuk Lee, Nathan P Marchack, Deborah A Neumayer, Eugene J O'sullivan, Jeong-heon Park
US Patent 9,515,252

Structure and method to reduce shorting in STT-MRAM device
Anthony J Annunziata, Gen P Lauer, Nathan P Marchack
US Patent 9,502,640


Magnetic Tunnel Junction Patterning Using Low Atomic Weight Ion Sputtering
Anthony J Annunziata, Rohit Kilaru, Nathan P Marchack, Hiroyuki Miyazoe
US Patent 9,728,717