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Parallel File Systems
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Highly scalable and distributed data sharing and storage
Oehme, Sven and Roskow, Marc Thadeus and Schwartz, Stephen Leonard and Topol, Anna W and Winarski, Daniel James
US Patent 8,935,431


Reducing a Backup Time of a Backup of Data Files
Kishi, Gregory T and Oehme, Sven
US Patent App. 13/078,413


Method of and system for managing remote storage
Akelbein, Jens-Peter and Haustein, Nils and Oehme, Sven
US Patent App. 12/144,012


Method and Infrastructure for Storing Application Data in a Grid Application and Storage System
Haustein, Nils and Oehme, Sven and Troppens, Ulf and Wolafka, Rainer
US Patent App. 12/184,316