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IBM Academy of Technology Communications Program Director, Member IBM Academy of Technology
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Techniques for Surviving Mobile Data Explosion
Verma, Dinesh C and Verma, Paridhi
2014 -, John Wiley & Sons


Three steps to rapid development of high-quality medical devices within regulatory norms
Martin Bakal, Keith Collyer & Paridhi Verma
IBM DeveloperWorks, 2012

Continuous integration in agile development: How agile methods, continuous integration, and testdriven enhance design and development of complex systems
Bakal, Martin R and Althouse, Jennifer and Verma, Paridhi
DeveloperWorks, IBM, 2012


Internet emergency alert system
Verma, Paridhi and Verma, Dinesh C
MILCOM 2005-2005 IEEE Military Communications Conference, pp. 2936--2942


A Quasi-Static Predictive Frequency Allocation Scheme for Cellular Systems
Dinesh Verma & Paridhi Verma
International Conference on Telecommunications, 1996