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Senior Engineer - Wet Cleaning/etching process for BEOL and 3DI
Albany, NY


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Professional Associations:  Sigma Xi


Chamferless via structures
Lenhardt, Mark L and Mont, Frank W and Peethala, Brown C and Siddiqui, Shariq and Striss, Jessica P and Trickett, Douglas M
US Patent 9,613,862


Forming interconnect features with reduced sidewall tapering
Mont, Frank W and Siddiqui, Shariq and Trickett, Douglas M and Peethala, Brown Cornelius
US Patent 9,373,543

SiARC removal with plasma etch and fluorinated wet chemical solution combination
Mignot, Yann and Peethala, Brown C and Siddiqui, Shariq
US Patent 9,508,560

Advanced manganese/manganese nitride cap/etch mask for air gap formation scheme in nanocopper low-K interconnect
Gates, Stephen M and Huang, Elbert E and Lee, Joe and Nguyen, Son V and Peethala, Brown C and Penny, Christopher J and Priyadarshini, Deepika
US Patent 9,349,687

Method for residue-free block pattern transfer onto metal interconnects for air gap formation
Lee, Joe and Mignot, Yann and Peethala, Brown C
US Patent 9,390,967


Rework and stripping of complex patterning layers using chemical mechanical polishing
Abdallah, Jassem A and Patlolla, Raghuveer R and Peethala, Brown C
US Patent App. 14/838,491

Selective etching of silicon wafer
Peethala, Brown C and Skordas, Spyridon and Song, Da and Upham, Allan and Winstel, Kevin R
US Patent App. 14/824,106


Titanium nitride removal
Fitzsimmons, John A and Chen, Shyng-Tsong and Peethala, Brown C and Rath, David L and Sankarapandian, Muthumanickam and van der Straten, Oscar
US Patent App. 13/828,249

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