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VLSI Design
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



On-chip circuit for monitoring frequency degradation due to NBTI
Kevin Stawiasz, Keith A Jenkins, Pong-Fei Lu
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A semi-custom design of branch address calculator in the IBM power4 microprocessor
Pong-Fei Lu, Gregory A Northrop, Kevin Chiarot
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A semi-custom design flow in high-performance microprocessor design
Gregory A Northrop, Pong-Fei Lu
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Physical design of a fourth-generation POWER GHz microprocessor
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A 2 ns access, 500 MHz 288 Kb SRAM macro
Antonio R Pelella, Pong-Fei Lu, Yuen H Chan, William V Huott, Umesh Bakhru, Steven Kowalczyk, Pradip Patel, John Rawlins, Philip T Wu
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Low-temperature avalanche multiplication in the collector-base junction of advanced npn transistors
P-F Lu
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Pong-Fei Lu, GP Li, DD Tang
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Pong-Fei Lu
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Optical-phonon emission in ballistic transport through microchannels of InGaAs
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Tunneling spectroscopy of In< inf> 0.53 Ga< inf> 0.47 As thin films
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