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Computational Health Behavior and Decision Science, Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare, NLP, HCI
Computational Health Behavior and Decision Science Group, Center for Computational Health, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



System and Method for a Quantitative Patient Engagement Representation Personalized Towards Explainable Behavioral Phenotypes for Care Management
Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh, Subhro Das, Sara Rosenthal, Adam Faulkner, Gema Almoguera, Kenn Marker, Ching-Hua Chen


Adaptive adjustment using sensor data and distributed data
Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh, X Hu, Ching-hua Chen, James Codella

Tracking eye recovery
Chang, Hung-Yang and Pei-yun, S Hsueh and Jang, Lih-Guong and Lu, Joe and Ramakrishnan, Sreeram and Wang, Yi-Chang and Wu, Nien-Chu and Zhu, Xinxin
US Patent 9,552,517


Prevention of Biofilm Formation
CAHAN, AMOS Hedrick, James L. FEVRE, MAREVA van Kessel, Theodore G. HSUEH, PEI-YUN S. Deligianni, Hariklia (Lili)

Embedded device for flow monitoring
CAHAN, AMOS Deligianni, Hariklia (Lili) HSUEH, PEI-YUN S. van Kessel, Theodore G.


Graph-based analysis for bio-signal event sensing
Chen, Chia-Yu and Hsueh, Pei-Yun S and Lai, Jui-Hsin and Xia, Yinglong
US Patent App. 14/966,693

High Definition EEG
A. Cahan, L. Deligianni, P. Hsueh

Graph representation technology for circuit sensitivity computations
J. Chen, L. Lai, Y. Xia, P. Hsueh


Developing health information feature abstractions from intra-individual temporal variance heteroskedasticity
Akushevich, Maryna and Hsueh, Pei-Yun and Mooiweer, Peter and Ramakrishnan, Sreeram and Sharma, Shweta and Yu, Ke
US Patent App. 14/184,129

Personal visualization of health conditions
Hsiao, Mark and Hsueh, Pei-Yun Sabrina and Ci-Wei, LAN and Ramakrishnan, Sreeram
US Patent App. 14/178,922

A Method of Graph-based Computation for Bio-Signals
P. Hsueh, L. Lai, Y., Xia, C. Chen

Detecting Cognitive Change from Communication Patterns
R. Farrel, X. Zhu, C. Danis, P. Hsueh

Dynamic and accretive composition of patient engagement instruments for personalized plan generation
P. Hsueh, S. Ramakrishnan, X. Zhu


Personalized compliance feedback via model-driven sensor data assessment
Hsiao, Mark and Hsueh, Pei-Yun Sabrina and Ramakrishnan, Sreeram
US Patent App. 13/969,722

Selectable message barcode for healthcare
Chang, Hung-Yang and Chen, Jian-Ren and Hsueh, Pei-Yun Sabrina and Huang, Su-Chen and Huang, Yu-Shan and Lin, June-Ray
US Patent App. 14/098,780

" Method and System to develop health information feature abstractions emphasizing heteroscedasticity for enabling monitoring/managing of intervention
P. Hsueh, S. Ramakrishnan, K. Yu, P. Mooiweer, M. Akushevich, S. Shama

Context-aware medicine taking guidance using selectable local information tags
J. Chen, S. Huang, Y. Huang, R. Lin, H. Chang, P. Hsueh

A Method and System of Using Wearable Camera and Data Analytics Device to Support Personal Eye Care Post Ophthalmological Operation
X. Zhu, H. Chang, P. Hsueh, L. Chang, Y. Wang, N. Wu, S. Ramakrishnan, J. Lu.

Method for Identifying Group- and Individual-level Risk Factors via Risk-driven Patient Stratification
P. Hsiao, J. Sun, D. Gotz, J. Hu


Method and system for observing and enhancing compliance with instruction via a social network
Hsiao, Mark Jh and Hsueh, Pei-Yun S and Ci-Wei, LAN and Lee, Yi-Fang and Pao-Chuan, LIAO and Ramakrishnan, Sreeram
US Patent App. 13/690,692

System and method for identifying content sensitive authorities from very large scale networks
Duan, Ning and Hsueh, Pei-Yun S and Liu, Yan
US Patent 8,332,379

Identifying group and individual-level risk factors via risk-driven patient stratification
Gotz, David H and Hsueh, Pei-Yun S and Hu, Jianying and Sun, Jimeng
US Patent App. 13/632,659

Visualization for health education to facilitate planning for intervention adaptation and adherence
P. Hsueh, M. Hsiao, V. Deng, S. Lee, S. Ramakrishnan

Method and Apparatus for Personalized Adherence Feedback via Model-driven Sensor Data Assessment
M. Hsiao, P. Hsueh

Method and Apparatus for a Visualized Health Dashboard Based on Personalized Appearance Prediction
P. Hsueh, M. Hsiao, C. Lan, H. Chang


Location-Aware Nutrition Management
Chang, Hung-Yang and Hsiao, Mark and Hsueh, Pei-Yun S and Liu, Leslie S and Zeng, Liangzhao
US Patent App. 13/007,186

System and Method for Reinforcing Effectiveness of Health Education through Social Collaboration
Ci-Wei Lan, Mark Hsiao, Gilbert Liao, Selina YF Lee, P. Hsueh

P. Hsueh, S. Ramakrishnan, M. Hsiao

A system and method for in-take and location aware food recommdation for diabetes
M. Hsiao, P. Hsueh, L. Zeng, L. Liu, H. Chang

Health Management Application Development and Deployment Framework
L. Zeng, P. Hsueh, H. Chang


A System and Method for Identifying Content Sensitive Authorities from Very Large Scale Networks
Pei-Yun Hsueh, Duan Ning, and Liu Yan