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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Trillion Operations Key-Value Storage Engine: Revisiting the Mission Critical Analytics Storage Software Stack
Sangeetha Seshadri, Paul Muench, Lawrence Chiu
2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS),


Flash-Conscious Cache Population for Enterprise Database Workloads
Hyojun Kim, Ioannis Koltsidas, Nikolas Ioannou, Sangeetha Seshadri, Paul Muech, Clement Dickey, and Lawrence Chiu
Fifth International Workshop on Accelerating Data Management Systems Using Modern Processor and Storage Architectures, VLDB, 2014

Software defined just-in-time caching in an enterprise storage system
S Seshadri, PH Muench, L Chiu, I Koltsidas, N Ioannou, R Haas, Y Liu, M Mei, S Blinick
IBM Journal of Research and Development 58(2), 1--13, IBM, 2014


Automated lookahead data migration in SSD-enabled multi-tiered storage systems
G. Zhang, L. Chiu, C. Dickey, L. Liu, P. Muench, S. Seshadri
Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST), 2010 IEEE 26th Symposium on, pp. 1--6


Enhancing Storage System Availability on Multi-Core Architectures with Recovery-Conscious Scheduling.
Sangeetha Seshadri, Lawrence Chiu, Cornel Constantinescu, Subashini Balachandran, Clem Dickey, Ling Liu, Paul Muench
FAST, pp. 143--158, 2008

Enhancing storage system availability on multi-core architectures with recovery-conscious scheduling
S. Seshadri, L. Chiu, C. Constantinescu, S. Balachandran, C. Dickey, L. Liu, P. Muench
Proceedings of the 6th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies, pp. 10, 2008


A fault-tolerant middleware architecture for high-availability storage services
S. Seshadri, L. Liu, B.F. Cooper, L. Chiu, K. Gupta, P. Muench
Services Computing, 2007. SCC 2007. IEEE International Conference on, pp. 286--293

Year Unknown

How could a flash cache degrade database performance rather than improve it? Lessons to be learnt from multi-tiered storage.
Hyojun Kim, Ioannis Koltsidas, Nikolas Ioannou, Sangeetha Seshadri, Paul Muench, Clement L Dickey, Lawrence Chiu
2nd Workshop on Interactions of NVM/Flash with Operating Systems and Workloads (INFLOW 14), 0