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VP, Blockchain Solutions and Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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System and method for speech separation and multi-talker speech recognition
Ramesh Ambat Gopinath, John Randall Hershey, Trausti Thor Kristjansson, Peder Andreas Olsen, Steven John Rennie,


Speech recognition utilizing multitude of speech features
Scott E. Axelrod, Sreeram Viswanath Balakrishnan, Stanley F. Chen, Yuging Gao, Ramesh A. Gopinath, Hong-Kwang Kuo, Benoit Maison, David Nahamoo, Michael Alan Picheny, George A. Saon, Geoffrey G. Zweig

Natural error handling in speech recognition
Gopinath, Ramesh A and Maison, Benoit and Wu, Brian C
US Patent 7,386,454


Methods and apparatus for automatic generation of multiple pronunciations from acoustic data
Deligne, Sabine V and Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat and Maison, Benoit Emmanuel Ghislain
US Patent 7,181,395


Speech and signal digitization by using recognition metrics to select from multiple techniques
Eide, Ellen Marie and Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat and Kanevsky, Dimitri and Olsen, Peder Andreas
US Patent 7,016,835


Method and apparatus for performing pattern-specific maximum likelihood transformations for speaker recognition
Chaudhari, Upendra V and Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat and Maes, Stephane Herman
US Patent 6,751,590


High dimensional data mining and visualization via gaussianization
Chen, Scott Shaobing and Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat
US Patent 6,591,235

EM algorithm for convolutive independent component analysis (CICA)
Deligne, Sabine and Gopinath, Ramesh A
US Patent 6,622,117

Methods and apparatus for performing heteroscedastic discriminant analysis in pattern recognition systems
Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat and Padmanabhan, Mukund and Saon, George Andrei
US Patent 6,609,093



Transcription of speech data with segments from acoustically dissimilar environments
Bahl, Lalit Rai and Gopalakrishnan, Ponani and Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat and Maes, Stephane Herman and Panmanabhan, Mukund and Polymenakos, Lazaros
US Patent 6,067,517


Statistical acoustic processing method and apparatus for speech recognition using a toned phoneme system
Chen, Chengjun Julian and Gopinath, Ramesh Ambat and Monkowski, Michael Daniel and Picheny, Michael Alan
US Patent 5,751,905


Novel spread spectrum codec apparatus and method
HL Resnikoff, D Pollen, WM Lawton, RA …

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