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Combining Learning and Model-Based Reasoning to Reduce Uncertainties in Cloud Security and Compliance Auditing
Uttam Thakore, Rohit Ranchal, Yi-Hsiu Wei, Harigovind Ramasamy
38th IEEE SRDS, 2019


Diagnosing Failures of Cloud Management Actions
R. Ranchal, P. Jayachandran
48th IEEE/IFIP DSN, 2018

EPICS: A Framework for Enforcing Security Policies in Composite Web Services
R. Ranchal, B. Bhargava, P. Angin, L. Othmane
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2018

A Self-Protecting Agents Based Model for High-Performance Mobile-Cloud Computing
P. Angin, B. Bhargava, R. Ranchal
Computers & Security, 2018


RaaS and Hierarchical Aggregation Revisited
R. Ranchal, S. Singh, P. Angin, A. Mohindra, H. Lei, B. Bhargava
24th IEEE ICWS, 2017

Engineering Scalable, Secure, Multi-tenant Cloud for Healthcare Data
D. Dean, R. Ranchal, Y. Gu, A. Sailer, S. Khan, K. Beaty, S. Bakthavachalam, Y. Yu, Y. Ruan, P. Bastide
13th IEEE Services, 2017

A Monitoring Approach for Policy Enforcement in Cloud Services
R. Fernando, R. Ranchal, B. Bhargava, P. Angin
10th IEEE Cloud, 2017

Privacy-Preserving Data Dissemination in Untrusted Cloud
D. Ulybyshev, B. Bhargava, M. Villarreal-Vasquez, A. Alsalem, D. Steiner, L. Li, J. Kobes, H. Halpin, R. Ranchal
10th IEEE Cloud, 2017


Tamper-Resistant Autonomous Agents-Based Mobile-Cloud Computing
P. Angin, B. Bhargava, R. Ranchal
15th IEEE/IFIP NOMS, 2016

Consumer Oriented Privacy Preserving Access Control for Electronic Health Records in the Cloud
R. Fernando, R. Ranchal, B. An, L. Othmane, B. Bhargava
9th IEEE Cloud, 2016

Building Scalable, Secure, Multi-tenant Cloud Services on IBM Bluemix
M. Kim, A. Mohindra, V. Muthusamy, R. Ranchal, V. Salapura, A. Slominski, R. Khalaf
IBM Journal of Research & Development, 2016

Privacy Preserving Access Control in Service-Oriented Architecture
R. Ranchal, B. Bhargava, R. Fernando, H. Lei, Z. Jin
23rd IEEE ICWS, 2016


Incorporating Attacker Capabilities in Risk Estimation and Mitigation
L. B. Othmane, R. Ranchal, R. Fernando, B. Bhargava, E. Bodden
Computers & Security, 2015

Secure Dissemination of Video Data in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Systems
C. Qu, D. Ulybyshev, B. Bhargava, R. Ranchal, L. Lilien
6th DNCMS, 2015

A Distributed Monitoring and Reconfiguration Approach for Adaptive Network Computing
B. Bhargava, P. Angin, R. Ranchal, S. Lingayat
6th DNCMS, 2015

Hierarchical Aggregation of Consumer Ratings for Service Ecosystem
R. Ranchal, A. Mohindra, N. Zhou, S. Kapoor, B. Bhargava
22nd IEEE ICWS, 2015

RADical Strategies for Engineering Web-Scale Cloud Solutions
R. Ranchal, A. Mohindra, J. Manweiler, B. Bhargava
IEEE Cloud Computing, 2015


Likelihood of Threats to Connected Vehicles
L. Othmane, R. Fernando, R. Ranchal, B. Bhargava, E. Bodden
International Journal of Next Generation Computing, 2014


A Case for Societal Digital Security Culture
L. Othmane, H. Weffers, R. Ranchal, P. Angin, B. Bhargava, M. M. Mohamad
28th IFIP SEC, 2013

Using Speech Recognition for Real-Time Captioning and Lecture Transcription in the Classroom
R. Ranchal, T. Doughty, Y. Guo, K. Bain, H. Martin, J. Robinson, B. Duerstock
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 2013

Protecting PLM Data throughout their Lifecycle
R. Ranchal, B. Bhargava
9th QSHINE, 2013

Secure Information Sharing in Digital Supply Chains
B. Bhargava, R. Ranchal, L. Othmane


An End-to-End Security Auditing Approach for Service Oriented Architecture
M. Azarmi, B. Bhargava, P. Angin, R. Ranchal, N. Ahmed, A. Sinclair, M. Linderman, L. Othmane
31st IEEE SRDS, 2012

A Trust-based Approach for Secure Data Dissemination in a Mobile Peer-to-Peer Network of AVs
B. Bhargava, P. Angin, R. Ranchal, R. Sivakumar, M. Linderman, A. Sinclair
International Journal of Next Generation Computing, 2012


Assistive Notetaking using SR Technology
B. Duerstock, R. Ranchal, Y. Guo, T. Doughty, P. Robinson, K. Bain


Protection of Identity Information in Cloud Computing without Trusted Third Party
R. Ranchal, B. Bhargava, L. Othmane, L. Lilien, A. Kim
29th IEEE SRDS, 2010

An Entity-Centric Approach for Privacy and Identity Management in Cloud Computing
P. Angin, B. Bhargava, R. Ranchal, N. Singh, L. Lilien, L. Othmane
29th IEEE SRDS, 2010