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Watson Health Cloud
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



Decomposing Composite Product Reviews (pending)
H. Lei, A. Mohindra, R. Ranchal, R. Tejwani

System, Method and Recording Medium for Causality Analysis for Auto-scaling and Auto-configuration (pending)
A. Mohindra, R. Ranchal, R. Ravishankar, N. Zhou


System and Method for Rating Aggregation and Propagation in a Hierarchical Services Structure (pending)
S. Kapoor, A. Mohindra, R. Ranchal, N. Zhou


System and method for Update Troubleshooting Assistant
G. Basu, P. Jayachandran, D. Jeswani, R. Ranchal, A. Verma, B. Viswanathan