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Dependability in a Multi-tenant Multi-framework Deep Learning as-a-Service Platform
Boag, Scott and Dube, Parijat and Maghraoui, Kaoutar El and Herta, Benjamin and Hummer, Waldemar and Jayaram, KR and Khalaf, Rania and Muthusamy, Vinod and Kalantar, Michael and Verma, Archit
arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.06801, 2018


IBM Deep Learning Service
Bhattacharjee, Bishwaranjan and Boag, Scott and Doshi, Chandani and Dube, Parijat and Herta, Ben and Ishakian, Vatche and Jayaram, KR and Khalaf, Rania and Krishna, Avesh and Li, Yu Bo and others
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Lessons learned using a process mining approach to analyze events from distributed applications
Muthusamy, Vinod and Slominski, Aleksander and Ishakian, Vatche and Khalaf, Rania and Reason, Johnathan and Rozsnyai, Szabolcs
Proceedings of the 10th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems, pp. 199--204, 2016

Building scalable, secure, multi-tenant cloud services on IBM Bluemix
M Kim, A Mohindra, V Muthusamy, R Ranchal, V Salapura, A Slominski, R Khalaf
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Building a multi-tenant cloud service from legacy code with docker containers
Slominski, Aleksander and Muthusamy, Vinod and Khalaf, Rania
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A markov prediction model for data-driven semi-structured business processes
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Journal of Knowledge and Information System, 2013

Dynamic Collective Work [Guest editors' introduction]
Lakshmanan, Geetika T and Khalaf, Rania and Dustdar, Schahram
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Leveraging Process-Mining Techniques
Lakshmanan, Geetika T and Khalaf, Rania
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Business Process Mining from E-Commerce Web Logs
Nicolas Poggi, Vinod Muthusamy, David Carrera, Rania Khalaf
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Business Process Insight: An Approach and Platform for the Discovery and Analysis of End-to-End Business Processes
Szabolcs Rozsnyai, Geetika T. Lakshmanan, Vinod Muthusamy, Rania Khalaf and Matthew J. Duftler
Service Research and Innovation Institute (SRII) Global Conference, pp. 80--89, 2012


Predictive Analytics for Semi-structured Case Oriented Business Processes
Geetika T Lakshmanan, Songyun Duan, Paul T Keyser, Francisco Curbera, Rania Khalaf
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A Classification of BPEL Extensions
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Key challenges for enabling agile BPM with social software
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Coordination for fragmented loops and scopes in a distributed business process
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End-to-end security for enterprise mashups
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Enabling community participation for workflows through extensibility and sharing
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Revisiting the behavior of fault and compensation handlers in WS-BPEL
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Pluggable framework for enabling the execution of extended BPEL behavior
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Deriving Explicit Data Links in WS-BPEL Processes,
O. Kopp, R. Khalaf, F. Leymann
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A Lightweight Approach for Composing RESTful Services and Collaborative Workflows
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Service mashups
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Supporting business process fragmentation while maintaining operational semantics: a BPEL perspective
R Y Khalaf
dissertation. de, dissertation. de, 2008


Maintaining data dependencies across bpel process fragments
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Web services business process execution language version 2.0
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From daml-s processes to bpel4ws
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Improving multiple people tracking using temporal consistency
R Y Khalaf, S S Intille
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, MIT Dept. of Architecture House n Project Technical Report, 2001

Year Unknown

Designing a DNA for responsive architecture
G C Magnoli, L A Bonanni, R Khalaf, M Fox
iterations.com, 0