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RSM,Mgr: Social Analytics & Collaboration Technologies
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



On slide-based contextual cues for presentation reuse
Moushumi Sharmin, Lawrence Bergman, Jie Lu, Ravi B. Konuru:
IUI , 2012


Community Discovery via Metagraph Factorization
Y R Lin, J Sun, H Sundaram, A Kelliher, P Castro, R Konuru
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Diversified ranking on large graphs: an optimization viewpoint.
Hanghang Tong, Jingrui He, Zhen Wen, Ravi Konuru, Ching-Yung Lin
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Outline wizard: Presentation composition and search
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Y R L J Sun, P Castro, R Konuru, H Sundaram, A Kelliher
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An Algebraic Approach to View Maintenance for XQuery
J. Nathan Foster, Ravi Konuru, Jerome Simeon, Lionel Villard
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Before-commit client state management services for ajax applications
P Castro, F Giraud, R Konuru, J Ponzo, J White
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Requestor Friendly Web Services
R Konuru, NK Mukhi
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WSXL: a web services language for integrating end-user experience
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An information exploration tool for performance analysis of Java programs
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Jinsight: Visualizing the execution of Java programs
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Deterministic replay of distributed Java applications
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Supporting Dynamic Data and Processor Repartitioning for Irregular Applications
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MIST: PVM with transparent migration and checkpointing
J Casas, D Clark, P Galbiati, R Konuru, S Otto, R Prouty, J Walpole
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Mpvm: A migratable transparent version of PVM
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MPVM: A Migration Transparent Version of PVM
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Adaptive load migration systems for PVM
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A User-Level Process Package for Concurrent Computing
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Porting Chorus to the PA-RISC
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Porting Chorus to the PA-RISC: Building, Debugging, Testing and Validation
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Porting Chorus to the PA-RISC: Virtual Memory Manager
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Porting the Chorus Supervisor and Related Low-Level Functions to the PA-RISC
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Modularity and Interfaces in Micro-kernel Design and Implementation: A Case Study of Chorus on the …
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