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Chief Architect and Engineering Leader
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Big Data System for Analyzing Risky Procurement Entities
Dhurandhar, Amit and Graves, Bruce and Ravi, Rajesh and Maniachari, Gopikrishanan and Ettl, Markus
Proceedings of the 21th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, pp. 1741--1750, 2015

Robust System for Identifying Procurement Fraud.
Dhurandhar, Amit and Ravi, Rajesh Kumar and Graves, Bruce and Maniachari, Gopikrishnan and Ettl, Markus
AAAI, pp. 3896--3903, 2015


Social media and customer behavior analytics for personalized customer engagements
Buckley, S and Ettl, Markus and Jain, Prateek and Luss, R and Petrik, Marek and Ravi, Rajesh Kumar and Venkatramani, Chitra
IBM Journal of Research and Development 58(5/6), 7--1, IBM, 2014


Sense-and-respond supply chain using model-driven techniques
Kapoor, Shubir and Binney, Blair and Buckley, S and Chang, Henry and Chao, Tian and Ettl, Markus and Luddy, E Noel and Ravi, Rajesh Kumar and Yang, Jeaha
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Container based framework for Self-healing Software System
Ravi, Rajesh Kumar and Sathyanarayana, Vinaya
Distributed Computing Systems, 2004. FTDCS 2004. Proceedings. 10th IEEE International Workshop on Future Trends of, pp. 306--310