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Manager - Parallel File Systems (GPFS)
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Early Popular Computers, 1950 - 1970
RB Garner
IEEE Global History Network, 2012



The Legendary IBM 1401 Data Processing System
R. Garner, R. Dill
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IBM 1401: The Legendary Data Processing System
RB Garner, D Spicer, M Wichary
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IBM 1401 System 50th Anniversary Event
RB Garner, F Underwood, C Branscomb, S Jacobs
Computer History Museum, 2009


Reliability of modular mesh-connected intelligent storage brick systems
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IBM intelligent bricks project—petabytes and beyond
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Quantitative Study of the Performance and Reliability of a Resilient 3-D Mesh-based Server
C. Fleiner, D.R.K. Hosekote, R. Garner, W. Wilcke
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Percolation in dense storage arrays
Scott Kirkpatrick, Winfried W Wilcke, Robert B Garner, Harald Huels
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The picoJAVA Microprocessor Core Architecture
RB Garner
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Microprocessors: The Next 15 Years
RB Garner
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RB Garner
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