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Inventor, Machine Learning Science Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE


Condition Detection in a Virtual Reality System or an Augmented Reality System
Sipolins A., Tejwani R., Reinen J., Wu H., Cavallo M.
Patent US 15/974,178

Adaptive Rendering of Virtual and Augmented Displays to Improve Display Quality for Users Having Difference Visual Abilities
Abuelsaad T., Tejwani R., Watson P., Sipolins A.
Patent US 15/927,776


Cognitive method of recommending medical screening and lab tests based on patients activity in social media
O'Keeffe G., Tejwani R., Mujumdar R., Ma R.
Patent US 15/656,406

Adaptive Presentation of Educational Content Via Templates
Chang M., Tejwani R., AHN, J., Chang M., Sundararajan S., Watson P.
Patent US 15/591,628


Decomposing Composite Product Reviews
Rachal R, Tejwani R, Lei H, Mohindra A
Patent US 15/237725

User experience using social and financial information
Tejwani R., Kummamuru K., Sharma T., Eisen J.
Patent US 15/041458