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Secure Systems Department
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



How to Discover IoT Devices When Network Traffic Is Encrypted
Enriquillo Valdez, Dimitrios Pendarakis, Hani Jamjoom
2019 IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things (ICIOT), pp. 17-24
Abstract   tf idf, visibility, network security, key features, internet of things, initialization, handshake, encryption, computer science, computer network

Counting Devices: Revisiting Existing Approaches in Todays Settings
Franck Le, Enriquillo Valdez, Pau-Chen Cheng
2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), pp. 4032-4037
Abstract   timestamp, software, network management, nat, firewall, computer science, computer network, clock skew, business analysis, asset management


Security intelligence for cloud management infrastructures
S. Berger, S. Garion, Y. Moatti, D. Naor, D. Pendarakis, A. Shulman-Peleg, J. R. Rao, E. Valdez, Y. Weinsberg
IBM Journal of Research and Development 60(4), 11:1-11:13, 2016


Scalable Attestation: A Step Toward Secure and Trusted Clouds
S. Berger, K. Goldman, D. Pendarakis, D. Safford, E. Valdez, M. Zohar
IEEE Cloud Computing (Vol 2, No 5, Sept/Oct. 2015)


Security for the cloud infrastructure: Trusted virtual data center implementation
S. Berger, R. Caceres, K. Goldman, D. Pendarakis, R. Perez, J. R. Rao, E. Rom, R. Sailer, W. Schildhauer, D. Srinivasan, S. Tal, E. Valdez
IBM Journal of Research and Development 53(4), 6:1-6:12, 2009


TVDc: managing security in the trusted virtual datacenter
Stefan Berger, Ram\'on C\'aceres, Dimitrios Pendarakis, Reiner Sailer, Enriquillo Valdez, Ronald Perez, Wayne Schildhauer, Deepa Srinivasan
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 42(1), 40--47, ACM, 2008


Retrofitting the ibm power hypervisor to support mandatory access control
Enriquillo Valdez, Reiner Sailer, Ronald Perez
Computer Security Applications Conference, 2007. ACSAC 2007. Twenty-Third Annual, pp. 221--231


Building a MAC-based security architecture for the Xen open-source hypervisor
Reiner Sailer, Trent Jaeger, Enriquillo Valdez, Ramon Caceres, Ronald Perez, Stefan Berger, John Linwood Griffin, Leendert van Doorn
Computer security applications conference, 21st Annual, pp. 10--pp, 2005


Matchbox: Secure data sharing
K Goldman, E Valdez
IEEE Internet Computing 8(6), 18--24, IEEE, 2004


DISSECT: DIStribution for SECurity tool
Enriquillo Valdez, Moti Yung
Information Security, pp. 125--143, Springer, 2001