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STSM, Services Analytics
Research Triangle Park, NC


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Professional Associations:  ACM Senior Member  |  IEEE, Senior Member


Towards More Effective Solution Retrieval in IT Support Services Using Systems Log
Zhu, Rongda and Deng, Yu and Sarkar, Soumitra Ronnie and El Maghraoui, Kaoutar and Ramasamy, Harigovind V and Bivens, Alan
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Applying Analytics to Improve Hardware and Software Maintenance Support Services
Xin, Zhou and Li, Feng and Li, Qi Cheng and Sarkar, Soumitra Ronnie
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Automated Incident Management for a Platform-as-a-Service Cloud.
Sarkar, Soumitra and Mahindru, Ruchi and Hosn, Rafah and Vogl, Norbert G and Ramasamy, HariGovind V
Hot-ICE, 2011


Characteristics of document similarity measures for compliance analysis
Sayeed, Asad and Sarkar, Soumitra and Deng, Yu and Hosn, Rafah and Mahindru, Ruchi and Rajamani, Nithya
Proceedings of the 18th ACM conference on Information and knowledge management, pp. 1207--1216, 2009


Multiprotocol transport networking: eliminating application dependencies on communications protocols
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Multiprotocol Transport Networking: A General Internetworking Solution Kathryn Britton, Wen-Shyen E. Chen, Tein-Yaw D. Chung! Allan Edwards, Johny Mathew, Diane Pozefsky
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1993 International Conference on Network Protocols, San Francisco, California, October 19-22, 1993: proceedings, pp. 14

Multiprotocol transport networking: A general internetworking solution
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Fuzziness Reduction and Training Set Generation for Text Classification in IT Services Domain
Deng, Yu and Mahindru, Ruchi and Rajamani, Nithya and Sarkar, Soumitra and Hosn, Rafah and Devarakonda, Murthy, 0