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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Chemical Society


Protein and nanoparticle interactions: Perspectives of nanomedicine and nanotoxicity
Seung-gu Kang, Ruhong Zhou
Molecular Modeling at the Atomic Scale: Methods and Applications in Quantitative Biology, pp. 277, CRC Press, 2014

Large scale molecular simulations of nanotoxicity
Camilo A Jimenez-Cruz, Seung-gu Kang, Ruhong Zhou
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Characterization of a Novel Water Pocket Inside the Human Cx26 Hemichannel Structure
Raul Araya-Secchi, Tomas Perez-Acle, Seung-gu Kang, Tien Huynh, Alejandro Bernardin, Yerko Escalona, Jose-Antonio Garate, Agustin D Mart\'\inez, Isaac E Garc\'\ia, Juan C S\'aez, others
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Size-dependent impact of CNTs on dynamic properties of calmodulin
Jian Gao, Liming Wang, Seung-gu Kang, Lina Zhao, Mingjuan Ji, Chunying Chen, Yuliang Zhao, Ruhong Zhou, Jingyuan Li
Nanoscale 6(21), 12828--12837, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014

Effect of Ligands on Characteristics of (CdSe) 13 Quantum Dot
Yang Gao, Bo Zhou, Seung-gu Kang, Minsi Xin, Ping Yang, Xing Dai, Zhigang Wang, Ruhong Zhou
RSC Adv., The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014

Dual Inhibitory Pathways of Metallofullerenol Gd@ C82 (OH) 22 on Matrix Metalloproteinase-2: Molecular insight into drug-like nanomedicine
Seung-gu Kang, Raul Araya-Secchi, Deqiang Wang, Bo Wang, Tien Huynh, Ruhong Zhou
Scientific reports4, Nature Publishing Group, 2014

The complex and specific pMHC interactions with diverse HIV-1 TCR clonotypes reveal a structural basis for alterations in CTL function
Zhen Xia, Huabiao Chen, Seung-gu Kang, Tien Huynh, Justin W Fang, Pedro A Lamothe, Bruce D Walker, Ruhong Zhou
Scientific reports4, Nature Publishing Group, 2014

Nanomedicine: de novo design of nanodrugs
Zaixing Yang+, Seung-gu Kang+, Ruhong Zhou
Nanoscale 6(2), 663--677, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014
+Equal contribution

How force unfolding differs from chemical denaturation
Guillaume Stirnemann, Seung-gu Kang, Ruhong Zhou, Bruce J Berne
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(9), 3413--3418, National Acad Sciences, 2014


Structural and electronic properties of uranium-encapsulated Au14 cage
Yang Gao, Xing Dai, Seung-gu Kang, Camilo Andres Jimenez Cruz, Minsi Xin, Yan Meng, Jie Han, Zhigang Wang, Ruhong Zhou
arXiv preprint arXiv:1312.7083, 2013

Salts drive controllable multilayered upright assembly of amyloid-like peptides at mica/water interface
Bin Dai+, Seung-gu Kang+, Tien Huynh, Haozhi Lei, Matteo Castelli, Jun Hu, Yi Zhang, Ruhong Zhou
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(21), 8543--8548, National Acad Sciences, 2013
+Equal contribution

Hydrophobic interaction drives surface-assisted epitaxial assembly of amyloid-like peptides
Seung-gu Kang, Tien Huynh, Zhen Xia, Yi Zhang, Haiping Fang, Guanghong Wei, Ruhong Zhou
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135(8), 3150--3157, ACS Publications, 2013

Impacts of fullerene derivatives on regulating the structure and assembly of collagen molecules
Xiaohui Yin, Lina Zhao, Seung-gu Kang, Jun Pan, Yan Song, Mingyi Zhang, Gengmei Xing, Fei Wang, Jingyuan Li, Ruhong Zhou, others
Nanoscale 5(16), 7341--7348, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013

Interactions Between Proteins and Carbon-Based Nanoparticles: Exploring the Origin of Nanotoxicity at the Molecular Level
Guanghong Zuo, Seung-gu Kang, Peng Xiu, Yuliang Zhao, Ruhong Zhou
Small 9(9-10), 1546--1556, Wiley Online Library, 2013


Computational design of a protein crystal
Christopher J Lanci+, Christopher M MacDermaid+, Seung-gu Kang, Rudresh Acharya, Benjamin North, Xi Yang, X Jade Qiu, William F DeGrado, Jeffery G Saven
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(19), 7304--7309, National Acad Sciences, 2012
+Equal contribution

Molecular mechanism of surface-assisted epitaxial self-assembly of amyloid-like peptides
Seung-gu Kang, Hai Li, Tien Huynh, Fuchun Zhang, Zhen Xia, Yi Zhang, Ruhong Zhou
ACS nano 6(10), 9276--9282, ACS Publications, 2012

Molecular mechanism of pancreatic tumor metastasis inhibition by Gd@ C82 (OH) 22 and its implication for de novo design of nanomedicine
Seung-gu Kang, Guoqiang Zhou, Ping Yang, Ying Liu, Baoyun Sun, Tien Huynh, Huan Meng, Lina Zhao, Gengmei Xing, Chunying Chen, others
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(38), 15431--15436, National Acad Sciences, 2012


Highly tunable photoluminescent properties of amphiphilic conjugated block copolymers
Sang-Jae Park, Seung-Gu Kang, Michael Fryd, Jeffery G Saven, So-Jung Park
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132(29), 9931--9933, ACS Publications, 2010


Characterization of the cofactor-induced folding mechanism of a zinc-binding peptide using computationally designed mutants
Jia Tang+, Seung-Gu Kang+, Jeffery G Saven, Feng Gai
Journal of molecular biology 389(1), 90--102, Elsevier, 2009
+Equal contribution


Protein Design: Tailoring Sequence, Structure, and Folding Properties
Andreas Lehmann, Christopher J Lanci, THOMAS J PETTY II, Seung-gu Kang, Jeffery G Saven
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Directing Noble Metal Ion Chemistry within a Designed Ferritin Protein
Christopher A Butts, Joe Swift, Seung-gu Kang, Luigi Di Costanzo, David W Christianson, Jeffery G Saven, Ivan J Dmochowski
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Computational protein design: structure, function and combinatorial diversity
Seung-gu Kang, Jeffery G Saven
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Electronic energy dynamics of photoexcited ternary Zintl phase LiSbTe2 and the distance estimation between trap sites
Seung-Gu Kang, Weon-Sik Chae, Yong-Rok Kim, Jin-Seung Jung, Sung-Han Lee
Chemical Physics 256(3), 295--305, Elsevier, 2000