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Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Adaptation of automated test scripts
W J Cobb Jr., Y Rahulkrishna, S Sinha, S Thummalapenta
US Patent Application 20160132421

Generating and employing operational abstractions of transforms
P Dhoolia, S Kk Mani, S Sinha, V S Sinha
US Patent 9,311,081


System and method for creating change-resilient scripts
Ch, Satish ra, Y Rahulkrishna, rapally, Saurabh Sinha, Suresh Thummalapenta, Leigh A Williamson
US Patent 9,075,918

System and method for automating test automation
S Chandra, A K Das, S Mangipudi, D Mukherjee, S Sinha, S Thummalapenta
US Patent 9,038,026

Generating test cases for covering enterprise rules and predicates
S Chandra, S Thummalapenta, N Sinha, S Sinha, A Vaishampayan, V K Lakshmi
US Patent 8,949,795


Efficiently generating test cases
S Chandra, K V Lakshmi, N Sinha, S Sinha, S Thummalapenta, A Vaishampayan
US Patent Application 13/715,206

Systems and methods for automated support for repairing input model errors
P Dhoolia, S Kk Mani, S Sinha, V S Sinha
US Patent 8,769,516


Facilitating use of model transformations
M Gowri, S Mani, S Sinha, V S Sinha
US Patent 8,495,580


Method and Apparatus for Locating Input-Model Faults Using Dynamic Tainting
S Sinha, P Dhoolia, S Kk Mani, V S Sinha
US Patent App. 12/818,439


System and method for a logical-model based application understanding and transformation
S Chandra, J H Field, R Komondoor, G Ramalingam, S Sinha
US Patent 7,509,298

Static code analysis
S Chandra, P Dhoolia, M Gowri, M Gupta, R Shyamasundar, S Sinha
US Patent 8,806,441