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DE, Cognitive Applications and Solutions Research
Yorktown Heights, NY, USA (Work from home in Chapel Hill, NC)



EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework
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SOMA-ME: A platform for the model-driven design of SOA solutions
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Improving Architectural Composability and Consumability using Communities: Lessons learned from Eclipse, SOA and MDA
S Iyengar
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XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)
M Jeckle
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Business process integration using UML and BPEL4WS
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Components: the Future of Software Engineering, 2003


Model driven architecture (mda)
J Miller, J Mukerji, others
Object Management Group, Draft Specification ormsc/2001-07-01

This OMG document replaces the draft adopted specification (ptc/2001-11-01). It is an OMG Final Adopted Specification, which has been approved by the OMG board and technical plenaries, and is currently in the finalization phase. Comments on the content of
O M G A Specification

XML Metadata Interchange (OMG XMI); Distributed Metadata Interchange for the Web Generation
S Iyengar
Meta-Data Conference, 2001


Model driven architecture
R Soley, others
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Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM), UML and XML
D T Chang
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XMI--A Model Driven XML Interchange Format
R Dirckze, D Baisley, S Iyengar
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A Metamodel-Based Approach to Model Engineering Using the MOF
R Dirckze, S Iyengar
First International Workshop on Model Engineering, Nice, France,(June 13, 2000), available at www


S Iyengar
1999 -

UML 2.0 architectural crossroads: sculpting or mudpacking? panel
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S Iyengar
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Year Unknown

JMI--Java Metadata Interface
G Engels, M Steinhoff, 0

XMI as Intermediate Repr{\"a}sentation
A App, 0

Common Warehouse Metamodel Developer’s Guide
M D Guide
MD Guide, 0