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Chief Data Scientist - Watson Health, Life Sciences
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM SIGKDD

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More information:  My book: Mining the Talk



Technology prediction
Ying Chen, Bin He, Qi He, Xin Jin, W Scott Spangler
US Patent App. 13/738,193

Systems and methods for analyzing electronic text
Ying Chen, Larry Proctor, William Scott Spangler
US Patent 8,606,815

Systems and methods for detecting sentiment-based topics
Keke Cai, Ying Chen, William Scott Spangler, Li Zhang
US Patent 8,356,025



Versioning data warehouses
Ying Chen, Bin He, William Scott Spangler
US Patent 8,078,570

Method of monitoring electronic media
Amit Behal, Ying Chen, Thomas D Griffin, Larry L Proctor, W Scott Spangler
US Patent 8,010,524

Exploratory analytics on patent data sets using the SIMPLE platform
Scott Spangler, Chen Ying, Jeffrey Kreulen, Stephen Boyer, Thomas Griffin, Alfredo Alba, Linda Kato, Ana Lelescu, Su Yan
Patent 4



System and method for using text analytics to identify a set of related documents from a source document
R L Angell, S K Boyer, J W Cooper, R A Hennessy, T Kanungo, J T Kreulen, D C Martin, J J Rhodes, S W Spangler, H J R Weintraub
US Patent App. 20,070/112,748


Surfaid predictor: web-based system for predicting surfer behavior
D C Martin, H J Miranda, M P Plutowski, W S Spangler, S Vaithyanathan, K Wheeler, D H Wolpert
US Patent 6,338,066