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Distinguished RSM, Manager cryptographic research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown, NY USA



Method, Apparatus and System for Resistance to Side Channel Attacks on Random Number Generators
S N Chari, V V Diluoffo, P A Karger, E R Palmer, T Rabin, J R Rao, P Rohatgi, H Scherzer, M Steiner, D C Toll
US Patent US7496616B2


Secure hash-and-sign signatures
Rosario Gennaro, Shai Halevi, Tal Rabin
US Patent 6,578,144


Biometric authentication system with encrypted models
Rosario Gennaro, Shai Halevi, Stephane Maes, Tal Rabin, Jeffrey Sorensen
US Patent 6,317,834


Method and apparatus for the secure distributed storage and retrieval of information
Juan Alberto Garay, Rosario Gennaro, Charanjit Singh Jutla, Tal D Rabin
US Patent 5,991,414

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