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Accessibility Research Technical Lead
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown, NY, USA


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Detecting Input Based On Multiple Gestures
Rachel K. E. Bellamy, Bonnie E. John, John T. Richards, Cal Swart, John Thomas, Shari Trewin
US Patent 9495098

Method and system providing viewing-angle sensitive graphics interface selection compensation
Peter Malkin. Cal Swart, Jessica Tran, and Shari Trewin
US Patent 9483143

Context awareness in auditory browsing
R.K.E. Bellamy, P.K. Malkin, J.T. Richards, S.M. Trewin
US Patent 9483573

Automatic camera selection based on device orientation
Peter Malkin, Shari Trewin, Jessica Tran, Cal Swart
US Patent 9363426


Task-based evaluation of user interfaces
R K E Bellamy, B E John, C Swart, J C Thomas, S M Trewin
US Patent 8856750 B2




Method and system for providing a central repository for client-specific accessibility
Frances C Brown, Susan Crayne, Samuel R Detweiler, Peter Gustav Fairweather, Vicki Lynne Hanson, Richard Scott Schwerdtfeger, Beth Rush Tibbitts, Sharon Mary Trewin, others
US Patent 7,062,547

Personalizing user interfaces across operating systems
J.L. Steichen, S.M. Trewin, M.W. Kim, others
US Patent 7,089,499