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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



How Much Automation Does a Data Scientist Want?
Dakuo Wang, Q Vera Liao, Yunfeng Zhang, Udayan Khurana, Horst Samulowitz, Soya Park, Michael Muller, Lisa Amini
arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.03970, 2021

Automated Data Science for Relational Data
Hoang Thanh Lam, Beat Buesser, Hong Min, Tran Ngoc Minh, Martin Wistuba, Udayan Khurana, Gregory Bramble, Theodoros Salonidis, Dakuo Wang, Horst Samulowitz
ICDE 2021


Semantic Annotation for Tabular Data
Udayan Khurana, Sainyam Galhotra
arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.08594, 2020

Semantic Annotation for Tabular Data
Udayan Khurana, Sainyam Galhotra
arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.08594, 2020
Abstract   feature engineering, supervised learning, data integration, data model, column, artificial neural network, scalability, heuristic, machine learning, annotation, computer science, generalization, artificial intelligence

IBM AutoAI: Human-in-the-Loop Automated Machine Learning Supports Data Scientists to Build Better Models
Dakuo Wang, Josh Andres, Justin D. Weisz, Erick Oduor, Udayan Khurana, Horst Samulowitz, Arunima Chaudhary, Abel N. Valente, Dustin Ramsey Torres, Casey Dugan
DaSH@KDD, 2020
ibm, human in the loop, software engineering, computer science

Survey on Automated End-to-End Data Science
Djallel Bouneffouf, Charu Aggarwal, Thanh Hoang, Udayan Khurana, Horst Samulowitz, Beat Buesser, Sijia Liu, Tejaswini Pedapati, Parikshit Ram, Ambrish Rawat, Martin Wistuba, Alexander Gray
2020 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), pp. 1-9

Semantic Search over Structured Data
Sainyam Galhotra, Udayan Khurana
Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, pp. 3381-3384, 2020
semantic search, data model, information retrieval, computer science

Autonomous Predictive Modeling via Reinforcement Learning
Udayan Khurana, Horst Samulowitz
Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, pp. 3285-3288, 2020
reinforcement learning, computer science, artificial intelligence


Automated Feature Enhancement for Predictive Modeling using External Knowledge
Sainyam Galhotra, Udayan Khurana, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Kavitha Srinivas, Horst Samulowitz, Miao Qi
2019 International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW), pp. 1094-1097

Automating Predictive Modeling Process using Reinforcement Learning
Udayan Khurana and Horst Samulowitz
arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.00743, 2019


Ensembles with Automated Feature Engineering
Udayan Khurana, Horst Samulowitz, Deepak Turaga
ICML International Workshop on Automatic Machine Learning, 2018

Historical Graph Management
Udayan Khurana, Amol Desphande
Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies, Springer Verlag, 2018

Automating Feature Engineering in Supervised Learning
Udayan Khurana
Feature Engineering for Machine Learning and Data Analytics, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2018

Dataset Evolver: An Interactive Feature Engineering Notebook (Demo)
Fatemeh Nargesian, Udayan Khurana, Horst Samulowitz, Deepak Turaga, Tejaswini Pedapati
AAAI, 2018


Learning Feature Engineering for Classification
Fatemeh Nargesian, Horst Samulowitz, Udayan Khurana, Elias Khalil, Deepak Turaga
IJCAI, 2017


Graph-based Exploration of Non-graph Datasets
Udayan Khurana, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Deepak Turaga
VLDB, 2016

Automating Feature Engineering
Udayan Khurana, Fatemeh Nargesian, Horst Samulowitz, Elias Khalil, Deepak Turaga
NIPS workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Data Science, 2016


GraphGen: exploring interesting graphs in relational data
Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos, Udayan Khurana, Amol Deshpande
VLDB, pp. 2032--2035, 2015


FAQ: A Framework for Fast Approximate Query Processing on Temporal Data.
Khurana, Udayan and Parthasarathy, Srinivasan and Turaga, Deepak S
BigMine, pp. 29--45, 2014

READ: Rapid data Exploration, Analysis and Discovery.
Udayan Khurana, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Deepak S Turaga
EDBT, 2014


Efficient snapshot retrieval over historical graph data
Udayan Khurana, Amol Deshpande
Data Engineering (ICDE), 2013 IEEE 29th International Conference on, pp. 997--1008


An Introduction to Temporal Graph Data Management
Khurana, Udayan
Technical Report, Technical report, May, 2012


NetEvViz: Extending NodeXL for Dynamic Network Visualization
Khurana, Udayan and Nguyen, Viet-An and Cheng, Hsueh-Chien and Chen, Xi Stephen
HCIL Tech Reports, 2011

Optimizing display advertisements based on historic user trails
Gupta, Neha and Khurana, Udayan and Lee, T and Nawathe, Sandeep
SIGIR Workshop on Internet Advertising, 2011

Speeding up network layout and centrality measures for social computing goals
Puneet Sharma, Udayan Khurana, Ben Shneiderman, Max Scharrenbroich, and John Locke
Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction, 2011

Visual analysis of temporal trends in social networks using edge color coding and metric timelines
Udayan Khurana, Viet-An Nguyen, Hsueh-Chien Cheng, Jae-wook Ahn, Xi Chen, Ben Shneiderman
IEEE Third Inernational Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom), pp. 549--554, 2011


Speeding up Network Layout and Centrality Measures with NodeXL and the Nvidia CUDA Technology
Sharma, Puneet and Khurana, Udayan and Shneiderman, Ben and Scharrenbroich, Max and Locke, John
Technical Report, Citeseer, 2010


Crosslingual location search
Tanuja Joshi, Joseph Joy, Tobias Kellner, Udayan Khurana, A. Kumaran, and Vibhuti Sengar


Text compression and superfast searching
Khurana, Udayan and Koul, Anirudh
arXiv preprint cs/0505056, 2005

Using patterns to generate prime numbers
Khurana, Udayan and Koul, Anirudh
Pattern Recognition and Data Mining, pp. 325--334, Springer, 2005