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Cognitive Software Engineer - EMRA
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Extraction of Information Related to Drug Safety Surveillance From Electronic Health Record Notes: Joint Modeling of Entities and Relations Using Knowledge-Aware Neural Attentive Models
Bharath Dandala, Venkata Joopudi, Ching-Huei Tsou, Jennifer J Liang, Parthasarathy Suryanarayanan
JMIR medical informatics 8(7), 2020
Abstract   sentence, relationship extraction, natural language processing, named entity recognition, intensive care, information extraction, documentation, data model, computer science, artificial intelligence, adverse event reporting system


Adverse Drug Events Detection in Clinical Notes by Jointly Modeling Entities and Relations Using Neural Networks
Bharath Dandala, Venkata Joopudi, Murthy Devarakonda
Drug Safety 42(1), 135-146, 2019
Abstract   sequential modeling, relationship extraction, pharmacovigilance, medicine, machine learning, hospitalized patients, conditional random field, artificial neural network, artificial intelligence, adverse effect, adverse drug reaction


A Convolutional Route to Abbreviation Disambiguation in Clinical Text
Venkata Joopudi, Bharath Dandala, Murthy Devarakonda
Journal of biomedical informatics, Academic Press, 2018