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Austin TX, USA



Designer-level verification—An industrial experience story
Bergman, Stephen and Bobok, Gabor and Kowalski, Walter and Koyfman, Shlomit and Moran, Shiri and Nevo, Ziv and Orni, Avigail and Paruthi, Viresh and Roesner, Wolfgang and Shurek, Gil and others
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Solutions to IBM POWER8 verification challenges
Schubert, K-D and Ludden, John M and Ayub, S and Behrend, J and Brock, B and Copty, Fady and German, SM and Hershkovitz, Oz and Horbach, H and Jackson, Jonathan R and others
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Verification of Galois field based circuits by formal reasoning based on computational algebraic geometry
Alexey Lvov, Luis A Lastras-Monta\~no, Barry Trager, Viresh Paruthi, Robert Shadowen, Ali El-Zein
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Automatic verification of floating point units
Krautz, Udo and Paruthi, Viresh and Arunagiri, Anand and Kumar, Sujeet and Pujar, Shweta and Babinsky, Tina
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Formal verification of error correcting circuits using computational algebraic geometry
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Hybrid verification of a hardware modular reduction engine
Jun Sawada, Peter Sandon, Viresh Paruthi, Jason Baumgartner, Michael Case, Hari Mony
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Functional verification of the IBM POWER7 microprocessor and POWER7 multiprocessor systems
K.D. Schubert, W. Roesner, J.M. Ludden, J. Jackson, J. Buchert, V. Paruthi, M. Behm, A. Ziv, J. Schumann, C. Meissner, others
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Formal Verification of Arbiters using Property Strengthening and Underapproximations
Gadiel Auerbach, Fady Copty, Viresh Paruthi
FMCAD, pp. 21-24, 2010

Large-scale application of formal verification: From fiction to fact
Paruthi, Viresh
Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design (FMCAD), 2010, pp. 175--180


Formal verification of correctness and performance of random priority-based arbiters
Krishnan Kailas, Viresh Paruthi, Brian Monwai
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Scalable sequential equivalence checking across arbitrary design transformations
H Mony, V Paruthi, R Kanzelman, G Janssen
Computer Design, 2006. ICCD 2006. International Conference …, 2007 -


Efficient symbolic simulation via dynamic scheduling, don't caring, and case splitting
Paruthi, Viresh and Jacobi, Christian and Weber, Kai
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Automatic formal verification of fused-multiply-add FPUs
Jacobi, Christian and Weber, Kai and Paruthi, Viresh and Baumgartner, Jason
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Exploiting suspected redundancy without proving it
Mony, Hari and Baumgartner, Jason and Paruthi, Viresh and Kanzelman, Robert
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Scalable automated verification via expert-system guided transformations
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Robust Boolean reasoning for equivalence checking and functional property verification
Kuehlmann, Andreas and Paruthi, Viresh and Krohm, Florian and Ganai, Malay K
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Functional verification of the POWER4 microprocessor and POWER4 multiprocessor systems
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Circuit-based Boolean reasoning
Kuehlmann, Andreas and Ganai, Malay K and Paruthi, Viresh
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Equivalence checking combining a structural SAT-solver, BDDs, and simulation
Paruthi, Viresh and Kuehlmann, Andreas
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Automatic data path abstraction for verification of large scale designs
Viresh Paruthi, Nazanin Mansouri and Ranga Vemuri
International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), 1998

Year Unknown

Killer Apps: Not Your Father’s Formal Verification
Brinkmann, Raik and Hanna, Ziyad and Paruthi, Viresh and Seligman, Erik and Singhal, Vigyan, 0