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Global GTS/TSS IA Blockchain Leader, ACM Distinguished Scientist and Member of IBM Academy
Yorktown Heights, NY


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Professional Associations:  ACM Distinguished Scientist  |  ACM SIGPLAN


Minimum Lock Assignment: A Method for Exploiting Concurrency among Critical Sections
Y Zhang, VC Sreedhar, W Zhu, V Sarkar, GR Gao
Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 2008 - Springer

Flexible pointer analysis using assign-fetch graphs
M Buss, D Brand, V Sreedhar, S A Edwards
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Synchronization state buffer: supporting efficient fine-grain synchronization on many-core …
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Optimized lock assignment and allocation: A method for exploiting concurrency among critical …
Y Zhang, VC Sreedhar, W Zhu, V Sarkar, GR Gao
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Data-centric security: role analysis and role typestates
VC Sreedhar
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From statecharts to ESP: programming with events, states and predicates for embedded systems
VC Sreedhar, MC Marinescu
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Interprocedural analysis for privileged code placement and tainted variable detection
M. Pistoia, R. Flynn, L. Koved, V. Sreedhar
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Static evaluation of role-based access control policies in distributed component-based systems
M. Pistoia, R.J. Flynn, V.C. Sreedhar
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Stack allocation and synchronization optimizations for Java using escape analysis
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Programming software components using ACOEL
VC Sreedhar
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Mixin'up components
VC Sreedhar
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Acoel on Coral
VC Sreedhar
SAVCBS 2001 Proceedings -

York: programming software components
VC Sreedhar
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, 2001 -


A framework for interprocedural optimization in the presence of dynamic class loading
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VC Sreedhar, M Burke, JD Choi
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The Jalapeno dynamic optimizing compiler for Java
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Identifying loops using DJ graphs
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A linear time algorithm for placing $\phi$-nodes
Sreedhar, Vugranam C and Gao, Guang R
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT symposium on Principles of programming languages, pp. 62--73, 1995

Incremental computation of dominator trees
VC Sreedhar, GR Gao, YF Lee
ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 1995 -


Year Unknown

A Case For Sealing Classes In Java
M Biberstein, V C Sreedhar, A Zaks
Citeseer, Citeseer, 0

DJ-graphs and their applications to flowgraph analyses
VC Sreedhar, GR Gao, Y Lee
TechnicalReport ACAPS Memo -, 0

Translating out of static single assignment form
VC Sreedhar, RDC Ju, DM Gillies
optimization - Springer, 0