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RSM - Advanced Plasma Processing Group




Defect mitigation of plasma-induced delamination of TiW/Cu from SiN x layer in thin si interposer processing with glass carriers
Sukumaran, Vijay and Tran-Quinn, Thuy and Lubguban, Jorge and Webster, Dave and Hedrick, Brittany and Cox, Harry and Wood, James and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Yan, Hongwen and Joseph, Eric and others
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 2015 IEEE 65th, pp. 916--921


High-k etch performance for next-generation logic gate stacks
Wise, Rich and Yan, Wendy and Zhang, Ying and Gani, Nicolas and Sun, Noel and Shen, Meihua and Lill, Thorsten
solid state technology 51(12), 18--22, PennWell Publishing Corp., 2008


Meeting critical gate linewidth control needs at the 65 nm node
Mahorowala, Arpan and Halle, Scott and Gabor, Allen and Chu, William and Barberet, Alexandra and Samuels, Donald and Abdo, Amr and Tsou, Len and Yan, Wendy and Iseda, Seiji and others
SPIE 31st International Symposium on Advanced Lithography, pp. 61560M--61560M, 2006


Semiconductor Industry Plasma Processing Needs
Wise, Richard and Panda, Siddhartha and Yan, Wendy
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2003


1.5-V single work-function W/WN/n/sup+/-poly gate CMOS device design with 110-nm buried-channel PMOS for 90-nm vertical-cell DRAM
Rengarajan, Rajesh and He, Boyong and Ransom, Craig and Choi, Chang Ju and Ramachandran, Ravikumar and Yang, Haining and Butt, Shahin and Halle, Scott and Yan, Wendy and Lee, Kilho and others
Electron Device Letters, IEEE 23(10), 621--623, IEEE, 2002

Integration of high performance dual workfunction logic CMOS transistors with a dense 8F/sup 2/vertical DRAM cell
Rengarajan, Rajesh and Malik, Rajeev and Yang, Haining and Yan, Wendy and Ramachandran, Ravikumar and He, Boyong and Divakaruni, Rama and Li, Yujun
VLSI Technology, 2002. Digest of Technical Papers. 2002 Symposium on, pp. 58--59


Stability of advanced photoresist systems for subquarter micrometer lithography during reactive ion etch processes
Naeem, Munir D and Yan, Wendy and Zhu, John
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 148(3), G137--G140, The Electrochemical Society, 2001


Plasma-etching processes for ULSI semiconductor circuits
Armacost, Michael and Hoh, Peter D and Wise, Richard and Yan, Wendy and Brown, Jeffrey J and Keller, John H and Kaplita, George A and Halle, Scott D and Muller, K Paul and Naeem, Munir D and others
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Thermal decomposition behaviour of poly (propylene carbonate)
Yan, Hongwen and Cannon, W Roger and Shanefield, Daniel J
Ceramics international 24(6), 433--439, Elsevier, 1998

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