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Research Staff Member, Senior Manager
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Analytics as a Service
Jeffrey Kreulen (Jeff), W Spangler, Ying Chen, Cheryl A Kieliszewski
Frontiers in Service Conference, 2009

SIMPLE: A Strategic Information Mining Platform for Licensing and Execution
Ying Chen, W Spangler, Jeffrey Kreulen (Jeff), et al
Large scale data mining workshop, ICDM, 2009

Analytics -- Secrets to Deriving Business Value and Insights out of Information
Ying Chen
Book Chapter, Rish Management in Finance, Six Sigma and Other Next-Generation Techniques, 2009

COBRA---A Visualization Solution to Monitor and Analyze Consumer Generated Medias
A Behal, J Grace, L Kato, Y Chen, S Liu, W Cai, W Qian
Proceedings of the Symposium on Human Interface 2009 on Human Interface and the Management of Information, pp. 238

COBRA--mining web for COrporate Brand and Reputation Analysis
S Spangler, Y Chen, L Proctor, A Lelescu, A Behal, B He, T D Griffin, A Liu, B Wade, T Davis
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems 7(3), 243--254, IOS Press, 2009


Efficient partial shape matching using Smith-Waterman algorithm
L Chen, R Feris, M Turk
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, 2008, pp. 1--6
US Patent App. 12/017,511

Multi-Taxonomy--An approach to determine perceived brand characteristics from Web data .
Larry L Proctor, W Spangler, Ying Chen
Web Intelligence, 2008

Leveraging sentiment analysis for topic detection
Ke Ke Cai, W Spangler, Ying Chen
Web Intelligence, 2008

Three Factors to Sustainable Service System Excellence: A Case Study of Service Systems
Y Chen, J Spohrer, A Lelescu
IEEE International Conference on Services Computing …, 2008 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

2008 - wipo.int


BIwTL: a business information warehouse toolkit and language for warehousing simplification and automation
B He, R Wang, Y Chen, A Lelescu, J Rhodes
Proceedings of the 2007 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data, pp. 1052

Understanding complex IT environments using information analytics and visualization
A. Behal, Y. Chen, C. Kieliszewski, A. Lelescu, B. He, J. Cui, J. Kreulen, M. Maximilien, J. Rhodes, S. Spangler
Proceedings of the 2007 symposium on Computer human interaction for the management of information technology, pp. 8

Business Insights Workbench--An Interactive Insights Discovery Solution
A. Behal, Y. Chen, C. Kieliszewski, A. Lelescu, B. He, J. Cui, J. Kreulen, J. Rhodes, W. Spangler
Proceedings of the 2007 conference on Human interface: Part II, pp. 834--843, Springer


Mining patents using molecular similarity search
J Rhodes, S Boyer, J Kreulen, Y Chen, P Ordonez
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2007: Maui, Hawaii, 3-7 January 2007, pp. 304, 2006


Information valuation for information lifecycle management
Y Chen
Autonomic Computing, 2005. ICAC 2005. Proceedings. …, 2005 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Holistic Information Management Solutions
Y Chen, S Ong
IBM Research Report, 2005 - domino.research.ibm.com


Improved Linux File System Hashing
Y Chen, W Burkhard, J Palmer
2001 - historical.ncstrl.org


Logging RAID-an approach to fast, reliable, and low-cost disk arrays
Y Chen, WW Hsu, HC Young
Lecture notes in computer science, 2000 - Springer

Automated tuning of parallel I/O systems: an approach to portableI/O performance for …
Y Chen, M Winslett, IBMAR Center, CA San …
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2000 - ieeexplore.ieee.org


Parallel I/O for scientific applications on heterogeneous clusters: a resource-utilization …
YE Cho, M Winslett, S Kuo, J Lee, Y Chen
Proceedings of the 13th international conference on …, 1999 - portal.acm.org


Automatic parallel I/O performance optimization in Panda
Y Chen, M Winslett, Y Cho, S Kuo
Proceedings of the tenth annual ACM symposium on Parallel algorithms and architectures, pp. 108--118, ACM, 1998

Collective I/O on a SGI CRAY Origin 2000: Strategy and performance
Y Cho, M Winslett, J Lee, Y Chen, S Kuo, K Motukuri
Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Technique and Applications

Efficient I/O of grid hierarchies for AMR computations on parallel disks
S Kuo, M Winslett, Y Chen, Y Cho
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on …, 1998 - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org

Parallel I/O performance of fine grained data distributions
Y Cho, M Winslett, Y Chen, S Kuo
… Proceedings. The Seventh International Symposium on, 1998 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Parallel I/O on networks of workstations: Performance improvement by careful placement of i …
Y Cho, M Winslett, S Kuo, Y Chen, J Lee, K …
Proceedings of High Performance Computing on …, 1998 - Citeseer


Exploiting local data in parallel array I/O on a practical network of workstations
Y Cho, M Winslett, M Subramaniam, Y Chen, S Kuo, K E Seamons
Proceedings of the fifth workshop on I/O in parallel and distributed systems, pp. 1--13, ACM, 1997

Parallel input/output with heterogeneous disks
S Kuo, M Winslett, Y Chen, Y Cho, M Subramaniam, K Seamons
ssdbm, pp. 79, 1997

Optimizing collective I/O performance on parallel computers: A multisystem study
Y Chen, J Nieplocha, I Foster, M Winslett
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Scalable message passing in Panda
Y Chen, M Winslett, K E Seamons, S Kuo, Y Cho, M Subramaniam
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Performance modeling for the Panda array I/O library
Y Chen, M Winslett, S Kuo, Y Cho, M …
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Persistent array access using server-directed I/O
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Server-directed collective I/O in Panda
KE Seamons, Y Chen, P Jones, J Jozwiak, M …
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Year Unknown

Text Analytics and Data Access as Services
E M Maximilien, Y Chen, A Lelescu, J Rhodes, J Kreulen, S Spangler
maximilien.org, 0

Text Analytics and Data Access as Services: A case study
E M Maximilien, Y Chen, J Kreulen, A Lelescu, J Rhodes, S Spangler
almaden. ibm .com, 0

Application experience with parallel input/output: Panda and the H3expresso black hole …
S Kuo, M Winslett, Y Chen, Y Cho, M …
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, … - Citeseer, 0