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Principal Research Staff Member - Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Information Security
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Role Mining with User Attribution Using Generative Models
Ian M. Molloy, Youngja Park, Suresh N. Chari

Techniques for Generating Balanced and Class-Independent Training Data from Unlabeled Data Set
Youngja Park, Zijie Qi, Suresh N Chari, Ian M Molloy

System and Method to Govern Data Exchange with Mobile Devices
Wilfried Teiken, Youngja Park, Stephen C Gates, Josyula Rao


Estimating the Sensitivity of Enterprise Data
Youngja Park, Stephen C. Gates, Wilfried Teiken


System and Method for Real-Time Prediction of Customer Satisfaction
Youngja Park, Stephen C. Gates


System and Method for Time Support for Agents in Contact Center Environments
Wilfried Teiken, Youngja Park, Stephen C. Gates, Mary Neff, Roy J. Byrd, Keh-Shin F. Cheng

System and Method for Automatically Generating Call Logs from Customer Interaction Text
Roy J Byrd, Mary Neff, Youngja Park, Wilfried Teiken, Stephen C. Gates

System and Method for Automatic Segmentation at Call Center
Youngja Park


Knowledge Management System, Program Product and Method (Granted)
Juhnyoung Lee, Youngja Park, Richard Goodwin

System and Method for Automatically Creating Personal Profiles for Video Characters
Youngja Park, Ying Li

System and Method for Detecting Topic Shift Boundaries in Multimedia Streams Using Joint Audio-visual and Text Cues
Chitra Dorai, Youngja Park, Ying Li, Robert Farrell


System and Method for Extracting Salient Keywords for Videos
Youngja Park, Ying Li

Method and System of Semantic Video Segmentation Based on Joint Audiovisual and Text Analysis (Granted)
Youngja Park, Ying Li, Chitra Dorai


System and Method for Determining Affixes of Words that are not in a Dictionary (Granted)
Youngja Park


System, Method, Program Product, and Networking Use for Recognizing Words and Their Parts-of-Speech in One or More Natural Languages (Granted)
Youngja Park


System and Method for Hybrid Text Mining for Finding Abbreviations and Their Definitions (Granted)
Youngja Park, Roy J. Byrd