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Professional Associations:  Engineering Council of South Africa  |  IEEE   |  IEEE Communications Society  |  IEEE Industrial Electronics Society


Classification of COVID-19 and Other Pathogenic Sequences: A Dinucleotide Frequency and Machine Learning Approach
Gciniwe S Dlamini, Stephanie J M\"uller, Rebone L Meraba, Richard A Young, James Mashiyane, Tapiwa Chiwewe, Darlington S Mapiye
IEEE Access8, 195263--195273, IEEE, 2020

Hierarchical Deep Learning Classification of Unstructured Pathology Reports to Automate ICD-O Morphology Grading
Waheeda Saib, Tapiwa Chiwewe, Elvira Singh
arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.00542, 2020


Design of a Credible Blockchain-Based E-Health Records (CB-EHRS) Platform
Lingyu Xu, Antoine Bagula, Omowunmi Isafiade, Kun Ma, Tapiwa Chiwewe
2019 ITU Kaleidoscope: ICT for Health: Networks, Standards and Innovation (ITU K), pp. 1--8


App for Designing Residential Solar PV Systems with DC-Coupled Battery Storage
Ashley Gritzman, Toby Kurien, Tapiwa Chiwewe, Jeofrey Ditsela
33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, pp. 2434 - 2439, 2017

Fast Convergence Cooperative Dynamic Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio Networks
T. M. Chiwewe, G. P. Hancke
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics PP(99), 1-1, 2017


Machine Learning Based Estimation of Ozone Using Spatio-Temporal Data from Air Quality Monitoring Stations
Tapiwa M Chiwewe, Jeofrey Ditsela
2016 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN)

Cognitiva - A Cognitive Industrial Wireless Network Protocol: Protocol Design and Testbed Implementation
Tapiwa M Chiwewe, Gerhard P Hancke
2016 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), pp. 2042--2047


A Hybrid Human Machine System for the Detection and Management of Potholes on Asphalt Road Surfaces
T. Naidoo, T. Chiwewe, T. Luvhengo, T. Motloutsi, A. Tyatyantsi
Proceedings of the Southern African Transport Conference, pp. 145 - 152, 2015

Using Cognitive Radio for Interference-Resistant Industrial Wireless Networks: An Overview
T.M. Chiwewe, C.F. Mbuya, G.P. Hancke
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics pp. 99, 2015

A look at spectrum management policies for radio spectrum
T. Chiwewe, G. Hancke
EngineerIT pp. March, 47-49, 2015


Visual surveying platform for the automated detection of road surface distresses
T. Naidoo, D. Joubert, T. Chiwewe, A. Tyatyantsi, B. Rancati, A. Mbizeni
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering9257, 2014


A distributed topology control technique for low interference and energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks
T.M. Chiwewe, G.P. Hancke
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 8(1), 11-19, 2012
cited By 49


SB YaoGG: Distributed Energy Efficient Topology Control with Low Interference
T.M. Chiwewe, G.P. Hancke
Proceedings of the Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, 2011