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Research Scientist
IBM Quantum, IBM Research - Africa


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More information:  IBM Q ambassador  |  Qiskit Advocate


The Effect of Noise on the Performance of Variational Algorithms for Quantum Chemistry
Waheeda Saib, Petros Wallden, Ismail Akhalwaya
IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), 2021


Towards Verifying Results from Biomedical NLP Machine Learning Models Using the UMLS: Cases of Classification and Named Entity Recognition
Joan Byamugisha, Waheeda Saib, Theodore Gaelejwe, Asad Jeewa, Maletsabisa Molapo
Workshop on Trustworthy AI for Healthcare at AAAI, 2020


Hierarchical Deep Learning Ensemble to Automate the Classification of Breast Cancer Pathology Reports by ICD-O Topography
Waheeda Saib, David Sengeh, Gcininwe Dlamini and Elvira Singh
Workshop on Machine Learning for Medicine and Healthcare at KDD, 2018