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Research Scientist, Scientific Project Lead
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



A hybrid barium titanate--silicon photonics platform for ultra-efficient electro-optic tuning
Stefan Abel, Thilo Stoeferle, Chiara Marchiori, Daniele Caimi, Lukas Czornomaz, Michael Stuckelberger, Marilyne Sousa, Bert Offrein, Jean Fompeyrine
Journal of Lightwave Technology 34(8), 1688-1693 , 2016


Oxygenated amorphous carbon for resistive memory applications
Claudia A Santini, Abu Sebastian, Chiara Marchiori, Vara Prasad Jonnalagadda, Laurent Dellmann, Wabe W Koelmans, Marta D Rossell, Christophe P Rossel, Evangelos Eleftheriou
Nature communications6, 2015

Analysis of the Pockels effect in ferroelectric barium titanate thin films on Si(001)
Kristy J Kormondy, Stefan Abel, Florian Fallegger, Youri Popoff, Patrick Ponath, Agham B Posadas, Marilyne Sousa, Daniele Caimi, Heinz Siegwart, Emanuele Uccelli
Microelectronic Engineering147, 215-218, 2015

Production of VO2 thin films through post-deposition annealing of V2O3 and VOx films
Bart Van Bilzen, Pia Homm, Leander Dillemans, Chen-Yi Su, Mariela Menghini, Marilyne Sousa, Chiara Marchiori, Luman Zhang, Jin Won Seo, Jean-Pierre Locquet
Thin Solid Films591, 143-148, 2015

Low Dit HfO2/Al2O3/In0.53Ga0.47As gate stack achieved with plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Vladimir Djara, Marilyne Sousa, Nikola Dordevic, Lukas Czornomaz, Veeresh Deshpande, Chiara Marchiori, Emanuele Uccelli, Daniele Caimi, Christophe Rossel, Jean Fompeyrine
Microelectronic Engineering147, 231-234, 2015


(Invited) Wafer Bonding: An Integration Route for Hybrid III-V/SiGe CMOS on 300mm
Lukas Czornomaz, Nicolas Daix, Emanuele Uccelli, Vladimir Djara, Daniele Caimi, Christophe Rossel, Marilyne Sousa, Heinz Siegwart, Chiara Marchiori, Jean-Michel Hartmann, others
ECS Transactions 64(5), 199-209, 2014


(Invited) Physical and Electrical Properties of Scaled Gate Stacks on Si/Passivated In0.53Ga0.47As
Chiara Marchiori, M El Kazzi, L Czornomaz, D Pierucci, M Silly, F Sirotti, S Abel, E Uccelli, M Sousa, J Fompeyrine
ECS Transactions 58(7), 369-378, 2013

Electro-optical active barium titanate thin films in silicon photonics devices
Stefan Abel, Thilo Stöferle, Chiara Marchiori, Daniele Caimi, Lukas Czornomaz, Christophe Rossel, Marta Rossell, Rolf Erni, Marilyne Sousa, Heinz Siegwart
Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, pp. IW4A-5, 2013

Controlling tetragonality and crystalline orientation in BaTiO3 nano-layers grown on Si
S Abel, M Sousa, C Rossel, D Caimi, M D Rossell, R Erni, J Fompeyrine and C Marchiori
Nanotechnology 24(28), 285701, IOP Publishing, 2013

A strong electro-optically active lead-free ferroelectric integrated on silicon
Stefan Abel, Thilo Stöferle, Chiara Marchiori, Christophe Rossel, Marta D. Rossell, Rolf Erni, Daniele Caimi, Marilyne Sousa, Alexei Chelnokov, Bert J. Offrein, Jean Fompeyrine
Nature Communications 4(1671), 2013


Thermally stable, sub-nanometer equivalent oxide thickness gate stack for gate-first In0.53Ga0.47As metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
M El Kazzi, L Czornomaz, C Rossel, C Gerl, D Caimi, H Siegwart, J Fompeyrine, C Marchiori
Applied Physics Letters 100(6), 2012

Gate-first implant-free InGaAs n-MOSFETs with sub-nm EOT and CMOS-compatible process suitable for VLSI
L Czornomaz, M El Kazzi, D Caimi, C Rossel, E Uccelli, M Sousa, C Marchiori, M Richter, H Siegwart, J Fompeyrine
70th Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), pp. 207-208, 2012

An integration path for gate-first UTB III-V-on-insulator MOSFETs with silicon, using direct wafer bonding and donor wafer recycling
L Czornomaz, N Daix, D Caimi, M Sousa, R Erni, MD Rossell, M El-Kazzi, C Rossel, C Marchiori, E Uccelli
2012 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), pp. 23-24

CMOS compatible self-aligned S/D regions for implant-free InGaAs MOSFETs
L. Czornomaz, M. El Kazzi, M. Hopstaken, D. Caimi, P. Machler, C. Rossel, M. Bjoerk, C. Marchiori, H. Siegwart, J. Fompeyrine
Solid-State Electronics74, 71-76, Elsevier, 2012


Characterization of Strontium Oxide Layers on Silicon for CMOS High-K Gate Stack Scaling
John Bruley, M Frank, Chiara Marchiori, Jean Fompeyrine, Vijay Narayanan
Microscopy and Microanalysis 17(S2), 1350--1351, Cambridge Univ Press, 2011

High quality epitaxial Dy3Ge5 films grown on Ge (001) substrates
Md Nurul Kabir Bhuiyan, Mariela Menghini, Jean-Pierre Locquet, Jin Won Seo, Chiara Marchiori
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 29(1), 01A805, 2011

Epitaxial growth of Dy2O3 films on SrTiO3 (001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
Md Nurul Kabir Bhuiyan, Mariela Menghini, Jean-Pierre Locquet, Jin Won Seo, Christel Dieker, Wolfgang Jäger, C. Marchiori
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 29(1), 01A801, 2011

Self-aligned S/D regions for InGaAs MOSFETs
L Czornomaz, M El Kazzi, D Caimi, P Machler, C Rossel, M Bjoerk, C Marchiori, J Fompeyrine
Proceedings of the European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), pp. 219-222, 2011

GaAs on 200mm Si wafers via thin temperature graded Ge buffers by molecular beam epitaxy
M. Richter, C. Rossel, DJ Webb, T. Topuria, C. Gerl, M. Sousa, C. Marchiori, D. Caimi, H. Siegwart, PM Rice
Journal of Crystal Growth 323(1), 387-392, 2011

1.2 nm capacitance equivalent thickness gate stacks on Si-passivated GaAs
M. El Kazzi, DJ Webb, L. Czornomaz, C. Rossel, C. Gerl, M. Richter, M. Sousa, D. Caimi, H. Siegwart, J. Fompeyrine
Microelectronic Engineering 88(7), 1066-1069, 2011

Epitaxial strontium oxide layers on silicon for gate-first and gate-last TiN/HfO2 gate stack scaling
M.M. Frank, C. Marchiori, J. Bruley, J. Fompeyrine, V. Narayanan
Microelectronic Engineering 88(7), 1312-1316, 2011

Sub-nm equivalent oxide thickness on Si-passivated GaAs capacitors with low Dit
M. El Kazzi, L. Czornomaz, DJ Webb, C. Rossel, D. Caimi, H. Siegwart, J. Fompeyrine, C. Marchiori
Applied Physics Letters 99(5), 052102-052102, 2011

Epitaxial SrO interfacial layers for HfO2-Si gate stack scaling
C. Marchiori, MM Frank, J. Bruley, V. Narayanan, J. Fompeyrine
Applied Physics Letters 98(5), 052908-052908, 2011


Structural properties of epitaxial SrHfO3 thin films on Si (001)
Monica Sawkar-Mathur, Chiara Marchiori, Jean Fompeyrine, Michael F Toney, John Bargar, Jane P Chang
Thin Solid Films 518(6), S118-S122, 2010

Structural and electrical properties of fully strained (In, Ga) As field effect transistors with in situ deposited gate stacks
C. Marchiori, E. Kiewra, J. Fompeyrine, C. Gerl, C. Rossel, M. Richter, J.P. Locquet, T. Smets, M. Sousa, C. Andersson
Applied Physics Letters 96(21), 212901-212901, 2010

Sputtering behavior and evolution of depth resolution upon low energy ion irradiation of GaAs
M.J. Hopstaken, D. Pfeiffer, M.S. Gordon, E.W. Kiewra, Y. Sun, D.K. Sadana, T. Topuria, P.M. Rice, P. Ronsheim, C. Gerl
ECS Transactions 28(5), 207-215, 2010


Impact of La2O3 thickness on HfO2/La2O3/Ge capacitors and p-channel MOSFETs
Caroline Andersson, Marilyne Sousa, Chiara Marchiori, David J Webb, Daniele Caimi, Heinz Siegwart, Jean Fompeyrine, Christophe Rossel, Athanasios Dimoulas, Yerassimos Panayiotatos
Proc. ESSDERC, pp. 173, 2009

Lanthanum germanate as dielectric for scaled Germanium metal–oxide–semiconductor devices
C. Andersson, C. Rossel, M. Sousa, DJ Webb, C. Marchiori, D. Caimi, H. Siegwart, Y. Panayiotatos, A. Dimoulas, J. Fompeyrine
Microelectronic Engineering 86(7), 1635-1637, Elsevier, 2009

H plasma cleaning and a-Si passivation of GaAs for surface channel device applications
C. Marchiori, DJ Webb, C. Rossel, M. Richter, M. Sousa, C. Gerl, R. Germann, C. Andersson, J. Fompeyrine
Journal of Applied Physics 106(11), 114112, 2009


Gate Dielectrics for High Mobility Semiconductors
Athanasios Dimoulas, Yerassimos Panayiotatos, Polychronis Tsipas, Sotiria Galata, Georgia Mavrou, Andreas Sotiropoulos, Chiara Marchiori, Christophe Rossel, David Webb, Caroline Andersson
ECS Transactions 16(5), 295-306, 2008

Germanium-induced stabilization of a very high-κ zirconia phase in ZrO2/GeO2 gate stacks
P Tsipas, SN Volkos, A Sotiropoulos, SF Galata, G Mavrou, D Tsoutsou, Y Panayiotatos, A Dimoulas, C Marchiori, J Fompeyrine
Applied Physics Letters 93(8), 082904-082904, AIP, 2008

Very high-κ ZrO2 with La2O3 (LaGeOx) passivating interfacial layers on Germanium substrates
G Mavrou, P Tsipas, A Sotiropoulos, S Galata, Y Panayiotatos, A Dimoulas, C Marchiori, J Fompeyrine
Applied Physics Letters 93(21), 212904-212904, AIP, 2008

Inversion mode n-channel GaAs field effect transistor with high-k/metal gate
JP De Souza, E. Kiewra, Y. Sun, A. Callegari, DK Sadana, G. Shahidi, DJ Webb, J. Fompeyrine, R. Germann, C. Rossel
Applied Physics Letters 92(15), 153508, 2008


Optical properties of epitaxial SrHfO3 thin films grown on Si
M. Sousa, C. Rossel, C. Marchiori, H. Siegwart, D. Caimi, J.P. Locquet, D.J. Webb, R. Germann, J. Fompeyrine, K. Babich
Journal of Applied Physics 102(10), 104103, 2007

Epitaxial germanium-on-insulator grown on (001) Si
J.W. Seo, C. Dieker, A. Tapponnier, C. Marchiori, M. Sousa, J.P. Locquet, J. Fompeyrine, A. Ispas, C. Rossel, Y. Panayiotatos
Microelectronic Engineering 84(9), 2328-2331, ., 2007

In-situ MBE Si as passivating interlayer on GaAs for HfO2 MOSCAPs: Effect of GaAs surface reconstruction
DJ Webb, J. Fompeyrine, S. Nakagawa, A. Dimoulas, C. Rossel, M. Sousa, R. Germann, SF Alvarado, J.P. Locquet, C. Marchiori
Microelectronic Engineering 84(9), 2142-2145, 2007

SrHfO3 as gate dielectric for future CMOS technology
C. Rossel, M. Sousa, C. Marchiori, J. Fompeyrine, D. Webb, D. Caimi, B. Mereu, A. Ispas, J.P. Locquet, H. Siegwart
Microelectronic Engineering 84(9), 1869-1873, 2007


Control of Interfacial Structure and Electrical Properties in MBE Grown Single Crystalline SrTiO3 Gate Dielectrics on Si (100)
Gerd Norga, Chiara Marchiori, Christophe Rossel, Alex Guiller, Jean-Pierre Locquet, Heinz Siegwart, Daniele Caimi, Jean Fompeyrine, JW Seo, Christel Dieker
MRS Proceedings, pp. 0917, 2006

Thermal stability of the SrTiO3/(Ba, Sr) O stacks epitaxially grown on Si
Chiara Marchiori, M Sousa, A Guiller, H Siegwart, J-P Locquet, J Fompeyrine, GJ Norga, Jin Won Seo
Applied physics letters 88(7), 2913, 2006

High-κ dielectrics for the gate stack
J.P. Locquet, C. Marchiori, M. Sousa, J. Fompeyrine, J.W. Seo
Journal of Applied Physics 100(5), 051610, AIP, 2006

Characterization of field-effect transistors with La2Hf2O7 and Hf
ZM Rittersma, JC Hooker, G. Vellianitis, J.P. Locquet, C. Marchiori, M. Sousa, J. Fompeyrine, L. Pantisano, W. Deweerd, T. Schram
Journal of Applied Physics 99(2), 024508-024508, 2006

Field-effect transistors with SrHfO3 as gate oxide
C. Rossel, B. Mereu, C. Marchiori, D. Caimi, M. Sousa, A. Guiller, H. Siegwart, R. Germann, J.P. Locquet, J. Fompeyrine
Applied Physics Letters 89(5), 053506, AIP, 2006

Solid phase epitaxy of SrTiO3 on (Ba, Sr) O/Si (100): The relationship between oxygen stoichiometry and interface stability
GJ Norga, C Marchiori, C Rossel, A Guiller, Jean-Pierre Locquet, H Siegwart, D Caimi, J Fompeyrine, Jin Won Seo, Ch Dieker
Journal of Applied Physics 99(8), 084102, AIP, 2006

Evidence of electron and hole inversion in GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with HfO2 gate dielectrics and α-Si/SiO2 interlayers
SJ Koester, EW Kiewra, Y. Sun, DA Neumayer, JA Ott, M. Copel, DK Sadana, DJ Webb, J. Fompeyrine, J.P. Locquet
Applied Physics Letters 89(4), 042104, 2006


Phase of reflection high-energy electron diffraction oscillations during (Ba, Sr) O epitaxy on Si (100): A marker of Sr barrier integrity
GJ Norga, C. Marchiori, A. Guiller, J.P. Locquet, C. Rossel, H. Siegwart, D. Caimi, J. Fompeyrine, T. Conard
Applied Physics Letters 87(26), 262905-262905, AIP, 2005


Fundamentals of Novel Oxide/Semiconductor Interface
GJ Norga, A Guiller, C Marchiori, JP Locquet, H Siegwart, D Halley, C Rossel, D Caimi, JW Seo, J Fompeyrine
MRS Proceedings, C.R. Abernathy (Ed.), pp. 219, 2004


Interface formation and defect structures in epitaxial LaZrO thin films on (111) Si
Jin Won Seo, J Fompeyrine, A Guiller, G Norga, C Marchiori, H Siegwart, J-P Locquet
Applied Physics Letters83, 5211, 2003

Growth of Perovskites with Crystalline Interfaces on Si (100)
GJ Norga, A Guiller, C Marchiori, JP Locquet, H Siegwart, D Halley, C Rossel, D Caimi, JW Seo, J Fompeyrine
MRS Proceedings, pp. 219-226, 2003