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Department Head, Cognitive Computing & Industry Solutions
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Predicting DRAM Reliability in the Field with Machine Learning
Ioana Giurgiu, Jacint Szabo, Dorothea Wiesmann, John Bird
ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference, 2017

On the adoption and impact of predictive analytics for server incident reduction
Ioana Giurgiu, Dorothea Wiesmann, Jasmina Bogojeska, David Lanyi, George Stark, Rodney Wallace, Marcelo Pereira, Alexander Hidalgo
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Memory loss in commodity hardware? Predicting DIMM failures with machine learning
Ioana Giurgiu, Dorothea Wiesmann, John Bird
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Predicting Disk Replacement towards Reliable Data Centers
Mirela Botezatu, Ioana Giurgiu, Jasmina Bogojeska, Dorothea Wiesmann
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Predictive Analytics for Server Incident Reduction
Jasmina Bogojeska, Ioana Giurgiu, David Lanyi, Dorothea Wiesmann
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Do You Know How to Configure Your Enterprise Relational Database to Reduce Incidents?
Ioana Giurgiu, Adela-Diana Almasi, Dorothea Wiesmann
IFIP/IEEE Integrated Network Management Symposium (IM), 2015

Comprehensible Models for Reconfiguring Enterprise Relational Databases to Avoid Incidents
Ioana Giurgiu, Mirela Botezatu, Dorothea Wiesmann
ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), 2015

Multi-View Incident Ticket Clustering for Optimal Ticket Dispatching
Mirela Botezatu, Jasmina Bogojeska, Ioana Giurgiu, Hagen Volzer, Dorothea Wiesmann
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Impact of HW and OS type and currency on server availability derived from problem ticket analysis
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Failure Analysis of Virtual and Physical Machines: Patterns, Causes and Characteristics
Robert Birke, Iona Giurgiu, Lydia Y. Chen, Dorothea Wiesmann, Ton Engbersen
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Classifying Server Behavior and Predicting Impact of Modernization Actions
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Automatic Classification of Change Requests for Improved IT Service Quality
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