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Research Scientist
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Professional Associations:  Chaos Computer Club (CCC)  |  Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)  |  IEEE


Progress on carbon nanotube BEOL interconnects
B Uhlig, J Liang, J Lee, R Ramos, A Dhavamani, N Nagy, J Dijon, H Okuno, D Kalita, V Georgiev, others
Design, Automation \& Test in Europe Conference \& Exhibition (DATE), 2018, pp. 937--942


A physics-based investigation of Pt-salt doped carbon nanotubes for local interconnects
J Liang, R Ramos, J Dijon, H Okuno, D Kalita, D Renaud, J Lee, VP Georgiev, S Berrada, T Sadi, others
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2017 IEEE International, pp. 35--5

A Survey of Carbon Nanotube Interconnects for Energy Efficient Integrated Circuits
A. Todri-Sanial, R. Ramos, H. Okuno, J. Dijon, A. Dhavamani, M. Wislicenus, K. Lilienthal, B. uhlig, T. Sadi, V. P. Georigev, A. Asenov, S. M. Amoroso, A. R. Brown, A. Pender, C. Millar, F. Motzfeld, B. Gotsmann, J. Liang, G. Goncalves, N. Rupesinghe, et
IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine 17(2), 47-62, 2017


Local thermometry of self-heated nanoscale devices
F. Menges, F. Motzfeld, H. Schmid, P. Mensch, M. Dittberner, S. Karg, H. Riel and B. Gotsmann
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) IEEE International, pp. 15-8 , 2016